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Business Software Certificate Program

Program Advisor: Kathleen Gowdey
Microsoft® Office Master Instructor, 413-236-4640

The Business Software certificate program prepares students to become software applications specialists. Graduates possess mastery of the Microsoft Office Suite. This program also emphasizes basic business communications.

Training is conducted on state-of-the-art computers. Through this program, students are encouraged to become Microsoft® Certified by taking the Microsoft® Certified Application Specialist exams. Graduates will have earned 27 credits toward the Business Software Systems, A.S. degree.

The Business Software Systems Webpage can be viewed by clicking on this link, or is available to students in printed form.

Program Advisor: Kathleen Gowdey, Microsoft Office Master Instructor, ext.413-236-4640.

Expected Outcomes

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • effectively use most Microsoft® Office applications to create business documents;
  • demonstrate competency in using the Windows operating system for maximized productivity;
  • demonstrate proficiency in formatting business correspondence;                          
  • demonstrate effective communication skills;                                                           
  • find employment in their field or continue their education.

Graduation Requirements

To earn a certificate in this program, a student must complete all program credits
and the additional requirements shown below.

Program 27 Credits
BSS 101 Microsoft® Windows 3
BSS 102 Microsoft® Word 3
BSS 105 Microsoft® PowerPoint 3
BSS 121 Document Processing 3
BSS 201 Microsoft® Excel 3
BSS 202 Microsoft® Access 3
BUS 247 Business Communications 3
ENG English Composition/Writing 3
Professional Elective (1) 3


Additional Requirements As Shown
 Demonstrated college-level skills in reading and writing
Minimum Cumulative Average Overall  2.000 
Minimum Cumulative Average in Program 2.000

Suggested block for program completion

The following is a suggestion for completing this program in one year. The actual time to complete the program may vary according to each student's individual needs.

First Semester   15 Credits 
BSS 101  Microsoft® Windows 
BSS 102  Microsoft® Word   3
BSS 105  Microsoft® PowerPoint  
ENG  English Composition/Writing 
  Professional Elective (see footnote 1) 
Second Semester    12 Credits 
BSS 121  Document Processing 
BSS 201  Microsoft® Excel 
BSS 202  Microsoft® Access 
BUS 247  Business Communications 











  1. Professional Elective chosen from course designated BSS, BUS, or CIS.

      Notes:    All BSS courses must be taken in the four years prior to graduation.

       For Gainful Employment disclosure information on this program follow this link: