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Culinary Arts


Culinary and Hospitality Subject Guides

A bibliography of works in the collection.




Culinary Arts Weblinks
This site serves as a companion to the magazine. A handy feature is the "Recipe Search". Here you can enter ingredients that you want to use and it will find a recipe for those ingredients. You may also do your search with specific nutritional guidelines as a requirement.

Cooks Thesaurus
The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.

Epicurious: Food, Drinking, Cooking and Recipes
This site has a searchable recipe file, cooking demonstrations, chef's secrets and tips, menus, food and drink dictionaries and guides, information on cooking tools, restaurant features, cookbook reviews, a companion to the Discovery Channel's "Epicurious TV" and links to the online version of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.
Provides excellent links to culinary and hospitality sites. Is also an employment search vehicle.

FoodServices Worldwide
Provides highlights to both North America and international resources for owners and managers etc. in the foodservice, hospitality and tourism industries.

The Internet Chef
This site includes a searchable recipe file, cooking tips, articles on cooking, hints on how to prepare food and a link to The Cook's Thesaurus.

The Real Beer Page
This site claims to have everything you could want to know about beer. It provides information and links and searches for brewpubs, microbreweries, homebrewing, events, news, and the beer industry.

Recipe Archive Index
This site allows you to look through recipes by category and often includes many variations of recipes.

Vegetarian Resource Guide
Provides vegetarian and vegan recipes, nutrition information and cookbooks, etc.