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Sacred Texts:

Link to Sacred Texts Online- The Largest Free Archive of Religious Texts in the Public Domain

New Advent - Catholic Bibles, Summa Theologica, Church Fathers, and other texts.

Christian Ethereal Library - The Largest Collection of Christian Texts Online, Including Church Fathers. Provided by Calvin College

Jewish Virtual Library - Holy Text pages. Includes the Tanakh, Torah and links to non-Jewish texts.

Hyper-Text Qur'an - from the Internet Sacred Texts Archive

Sacred Books of the East - from the Humanities Text Initiative, Univ. of Michigan

Further Links of Interest:









Asian Sourcebook
Site featuring links to full text on a variety of East Asian religious traditions, including Buddhism.

Buddhist World Wide Web Virtual Library
Buddhist mega site listing links to information on all branches of Buddhist thought including Zen, Tibetan, and Theravadan, etc. Contributors to this site include many nationally and internationally recognized scholars.

A publication for practitioners by the publishers of Shambhala Sun.

Buddisht Text Society
Extensive collection of texts in translation.  Since 1970, the Buddhist Text Translation Society (BTTS) has been creating authorative translations.   The BTTS, emulating the translation assemblies of ancient times, does not publish a work until it has passed through four committees for primary translation, reviewing, editing, and certification. The leaders of these committees are Bhikshus (monks) and Bhikshunis (nuns), who have devoted their entire lives to the study and practice of the Buddha's teachings. For this reason, all of the works of the BTTS put an emphasis on what the principles of the Buddha's teachings mean in terms of actual practice, rather than in terms of intellectual conjecture

Introduction to Buddishm
Created originally by the students of Professor,  C. George Boeree, Shippensburg University, these pages provide a good, general introduction to the practices and tenents of Buddhism.

Resources for the Studey of Buddhism
This site created by Professor Ron Epstein of San Francisco State University, contains links to both general Buddhist resources and specialized materials on Zen, Chinese Buddhism, Yogacara Buddhism, and various Buddhist

Leading Buddhist magazine. "The essential components of a tricycle-three, vehicle, and wheel-correspond to concepts found throughout Buddhist history. We speak of three treasures: the Buddha, dharma, sangha; of turning the wheel of dharma; and of the three great vehicles of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana." This magazine addresses all areas of Buddhist thought.

Zen Buddhism
Washington State University professor, Richard Hooker's class site on World Civilizations.

Zen Virtual Catalog
Alphabetical and category search. Edited by Dr T.Matthew Ciolek Schools of Zen Buddhism, Hakuin Ekaku School of Zen Buddhism, Zen Koans, Diamond Sangha Home page, links to en journals, biographical information, Harada-Yasutani School of Zen .



Baltimore Catechism
The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Catechism of the Catholic Church
Explanatory site created by the Vatican on the Catechism.

Catholic Documents
Catholic Net supported site providing a huge selection of full text to such authors as Aquinas and Augustine of Hippo, as well as modern writers, including Pope John Paul II.

Catholic Encyclopedia
The online version of the 1918 multivolume Catholic Encyclopedia. (The Jonathan Edwards Library has the most recent edition.)

Catholic Net
Major Catholic Portal to all information pertaining to the Catholic Church including up to the minute global news, links to primary sources, catechismal texts and information on vocations.

Library of Congress, Vatican Exhibit information
The online version of the recent Library Congress exhibit, featuring text and images on the Vatican, it's collections,on humanism, music, medicine,etc...

Saints Index Page
Catholic Saints Page. Descriptions and images of saints recognized by the Catholic Church. Includes search index and index, as well as calendar of feast days.

Vatican Holy See Site
The official site of the Vatican, these pages are not the easiest to navigate. They include links to doctrine, history and even the official "secret library".

The Vatican
This Catholic Net site includes information on the Vatican, as well as a list of popes, the Baltimore Catechism and more.


Byzantine Studies Page
From Fordham University's excellent site, these web pages provide links to a wealth of information including hagiographies, paleographies, doctrine, images and even music.

Byzantine Icons
"This educational site is a joint effort of students enrolled in the course History of Russian Painting at Rollins College and Dr. Alexander Boguslawski (who is responsible for the site's design), this presentation of the most significant achievements of Russian painting will expand every time the course is offered."

Icons Explained A Guide TO Byzantine Icons on the Internet
Commercial site, but with useful information on medieval and contemporary icons. Includes a listing of icons by subject.

Novgorod Online
Extensive links to the the icons, manuscripts and churches of Novgorod.

Novgorod Medieval Sourcebook
Another section from Fordham University's excellent web site, this one highlighting Novgorod.

The Skete Monastary
Monastary creating contemporary Orthodox Byzantine Icons. These folks also wrote a recent bestseller on raising dogs.


Archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church
The Archives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America , including records of predecessor church bodies, inter-Lutheran organizations, and certain records relating to ELCA synods.
Includes information on the Chicago church and on Martin Luther.

Internet Sourcebook: Calvinism
Fordham University's excellent site on Calvin. Includes primary texts by and about Calvin.

Internet Sourcebook English And Scottish Reformation
Fordham University site.

Internet Sourcebook: Luther
Fordham University's excellent site on Luther. Includes links to some of Luther's major writings, some in full text.

Missouri Synod Lutherans
Website for the Missouri Synod.

Project Wittenburg
A comprehensive archive of Lutheran texts.

Christianity - History

Medieval Sourcebook -
Links to full text, primary sources as well as commentary. Maintained by Fordham University as part of their excellent Internet Sourcebook.

History of Art and Architecture -Chartres Cathedral
This Beloit University hosted site features excellent photographs of the architecture and art of Chartres Cathedral.

History of Gothic Architecture
This site, created by a Kyoto University Professor, features an extensive a slide collection. Chartres is highlighted here.

Internet Sourcebook The Reformation
Fordham University's excellent site on the Reformation. Links to information on the early reformation, Luther, Calvin, the radical reformers and the counter-reformation.


Angkor Wat Information Page
Official site of this important Cambodian Hindu Temple and archeological site. A bit old fashioned.

Hindu Source Book
Volumes of information, including full text of primary sources such as the Bhagavad-Gita. Information on the Vedic Age, Jainism, Buddhism in India, medieval India, Islam in India and more. Part of Fordham University's massive site.

Indian Temples: The comprehensive guide to temples in India/
Divided by diety patronage, (Temples of Shiva, Temples of Vishnu, Brahma, Kali, Etc.) History, discussion and photographs of temples organized by region and by diety. Very extensive.

Indian Temple Portal
Another site featuring pictures and information on temples by region.


Introduction to Islam
"What is the definition of Islam and what do Muslims believe about Allah - Muhammad - Jesus - Other Religions - Human Rights - Women - Tolerance - Peace and Values? Find out here."

Islam Online
"Islam Online is a unique, global Islamic portal that provides services to Muslims and non-Muslims in Arabic and English. Islam Online is looking to become a reference for everything that deals with Islam, its sciences, civilization and nation...A committee of the major scholars throughout the Islamic world, headed by Dr. Yusuf Qardawi, was formed to ensure that nothing on this site violates the fixed principles of Islamic law (Shar'ia). The committee includes experts in politics, economics, the media, sociology, technology, the arts, and other fields, all of whom are committed to participate in the Islamic Renaissance in all fields and at all levels"

Real Islam
Commercial site that includes informative weekly articles, an Islamic reference library, Islamic photo gallery - links to other Muslim websites and more. - Islam & The Global Muslim eCommunity
A great information site about Islam and Muslims in text, audio and video. Also high-quality news and commentary geared toward the Muslim-American community.

Islamic Sourcebook
A very informative site featuring links to information on Muhammad, the Caliphate, Persians, Ottomans, Muslim and West relations and more. Another Fordham University site.


Jewish Sourcebook
Huge site including primary and secondary material from ancient history, the Diaspora, the Rabbinical period, the Middle Ages, Entlightenment and Modern Age. Hosted by Fordham University, but featuring texts by contemporary Jewish scholars.

" Judaism 101! Judaism 101 is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs". A very thoughtful site.

Judaism and Jewish Resources - Andrew Tannenbaum
Rabbi Judaism and Jewish resources in a popular and well-organized index, carefully monitored to ensure that all links are active. On the web since 1993. ...


Asian Sourcebook
Site featuring links to full text on a variety of East Asian religious traditions, including Jainism, Shintoism, Confucisism and Daoism.

Covenant of the Goddess
An international organization of cooperating, autonomous Wiccan congregations and solitary practitioners.

CyberWitch - The Writings of Roy Bowers 
The writings of the late, traditional witch, Roy Bowers (aka Robert Cochrane) whose writings and philosophies were the basis for the 1734 tradtion. 

Gerald Gardner: Homepage and link to articles
The controversial "founder" of the 20th century witchcraft movement, this site includes information about Gardner as well as these essays written by some of the leading authors on contemporary Wicca/Witchcraft. Be aware that this is a commercial site.

Mythology - Egyptian :The British Museum - Egyptian Department
Myths from Egypt
Site featuring information on the gods and goddesses of Egypt.

New England Covens of Traditionalist Witches - NECTW
A New England group.

Pagan Study.Org is a website designed to provide information and communication about the study of Contemporary Paganism in academia. Contributors are international. Selected readings, upcoming conferences and links.

Pagan Traditions
An annotated list of pagan groups throughout the world, organized and maintained by Professor Chas Clifton, University of Colorado.

Yes, modern day paganism has its very own Wiki. 

The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies
The only scholarly pagan publication.

Religion and Ethics - BBC
Detailed information on religion and ethics. Updated constantly.

Religious Movements: Wicca
This is a page from the University of Virgina's New Religious Movements site. Provided here is a history, bibliography, and links to other sites of interest.

Official site of the 1734 tradition, a system based on the philosophy of British Witch Robert Cochrane, a non-Gardnerian, non-wiccan system which borrows from heavily from the folk practice of cunning craft.

Societas Magica
"The Societas Magica is an organization dedicated to furthering communication and exchange among scholars interested in the study of magic, both in the positive contexts of its expression as an area of necessary knowledge or religious practice (as in early modern occultism and contemporary paganism), and in its negative contexts as the substance of an accusation or condemnation (as in sorcery trials, and many philosophical and theological accounts, both early and late)."

Home page of the founder of the Reclaiming Branch of Wicca. Starhawk has pioneered earthbased, feminist spirituality, authoring a number of best sellers including the Spiral Dance.

Stang Top Mor
Traditional witchcraft.  The official website of Robin Artisson, (pseudoname), founder of the Hollow Hill tradition.   Another interesting departure from 20th century Gardnerian and Wiccan movements.  You can read more about Artisson at

Swedenborgian Church
Official site of the church founded by seventeenth century mystic, Emanual Swedenborg. For information on the Swedenborg Foundation and publications, see the link below.

Swedenborg Foundation

Wiccan Rede
This text describes the origin of a text shared by many wiccan groups, the Rede. Site created by John J. Coughlin, editor of the NYC Pagan Resource Guide. Comparison might be made with the recently published text, The Rede of the Wiccae , by Robert Mathiesen, a medieval philologist and professor at Brown University and Theitic, archivist for the NECTW. See the NECTW for more on the Rede.