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Clothing Beauty2

With the discovery of photography, it became possible to record a great number of  images  for a far wider segment of the population.  While the people in early photographs tended to look rigid and formal, this was due to the expensive, and tedious process of having oneself photographed.  The invention of the Kodak box camera in the 1880s democratized the image, as now anyone could be a photographer.  Photography even influenced painters, who in the late 19th century began painting not only wealthy patrons but other subjects as well for "art for arts sake". 


But despite the increase in "informal" photos, these were still bound by the social conventions of the time.  As with paintings, each photo contained the image of the subject and a visual commentary on that person's society.  

Follow the links below which will take you to images of women taken over the past century and click on each image.  A little of what is known about them  will be revealed.  Think about the period the photo was taken or image made.  Who was in charge of the image: the photographer/artist, the subject of the photo, or their society?  How has photographic technology changed our concepts of beauty? 


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 Dressing For The Camera

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