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  Course Catalog Offerings
  MUS-101  Applied Music I (All Other Instruments)
  MUS-102  Applied Music II (All Other Instruments)
  MUS-106  Fundamentals of Music
  MUS-108  Music Theory I
  MUS-110  American Popular Music
  MUS-116  Fundamental Musicianship
  MUS-120  Choral Ensemble I
  MUS-130  Choral Ensemble II
  MUS-132  Introduction to Recording Technology
  MUS-136  American Musical Theatre
  MUS-138  Class Piano I
  MUS-139  Class Piano II
  MUS-141  Introduction to Jazz
  MUS-151  Instrumental Ensemble I
  MUS-152  Instrumental Ensemble II
  MUS-156  Musicianship I
  MUS-163  Jazz Ensemble I
  MUS-164  Jazz Ensemble II
  MUS-185  Computer Music Notation
  MUS-187  Music Theory II
  MUS-201  Applied Music Iii (All Other Instruments)
  MUS-202  Applied Music IV (All Other Instruments)
  MUS-216  Musicianship II
  MUS-220  Choral Ensemble III
  MUS-225  Music History I
  MUS-226  Music History II
  MUS-230  Choral Ensemble IV
  MUS-232  Recording Technology II
  MUS-236  Select Vocal Ensemble I: Berkapella
  MUS-237  Select Vocal Ensemble II: Berkapella
  MUS-238  Select Vocal Ensemble III: Berkapella
  MUS-239  Select Vocal Ensemble IV: Berkapella
  MUS-251  Instrumental Ensemble III
  MUS-252  Instrumental Ensemble IV
  MUS-263  Jazz Ensemble III
  MUS-264  Jazz Ensemble IV
  MUS-275  Independent Study in Music
  MUS-297  Special Topics in Music