Priority Registration

Priority Registration is open for currently enrolled BCC students April 11-14! Registering Early is a great way to get the classes you need when you need them.

To view  Fall 2017 and Summer 2017 courses use the Search for Sections feature of WebAdvisor. Currently enrolled students can access it through their MyBCC account.


Priority Registration runs April 11-14. Currently enrolled students (Spring 2017) have the opportunity to register before new and returning students.

Priority Codes

Priority codes are used to determine when students can begin to register for the spring semester. Registration for intersession is not based on priority codes but is conducted on a first-come-first-served basis with the expectation that tuition and fees are paid or payment arrangements are made at the time of registration.   

All currently enrolled students receive a priority code that specifies the earliest time that they can register. Priority is determined by the number of earned credits on their BCC academic record. When several students have the same number of credits, they are sorted from lowest to highest student ID number.

Each student receives a number from 1 (most credits) to 2000 (least credits) that represents their place on the list. Starting with number 1, 500 students per hour are assigned to the first hour of registration. This continues for each hour until all students are assigned a code.

Priority codes and registration times are displayed in a paragraph at the top of each student's degree audit

Find your degree audit, advisor and priority code (PDF)

Web Registration and E-Advising

Students have the opportunity to plan courses, select course sections, register, drop, and add by using their WebAdvisor accounts in MyBCC. The procedures described below are the recommended steps for using WebAdvisor.

For this semester, students may choose to register using a paper registration form. The student and advisor should complete and sign a registration form. After the student's registration day and time the student can either use the Express Registration feature of Register for Sections in WebAdvisor to register themselves or bring the form to the Registrar's Office to have the courses entered.

Using Express Registration (PDF)

Degree Audit

The degree audit is an important document that you should review prior to registration. It lists all the requirements for your program and shows you what you have completed, what you are currently taking, what you have planned and what you still need to complete. It also includes other information that you will need for registration including your priority registration code and contact information for your advisor. Degree audit (sometimes found under "Program Evaluation") is a menu item in your WebAdvisor account.

Find your degree audit, advisor and priority code (PDF)

Guide to Your Degree Audit (PDF)


These steps are designed for the typical student in a degree or certificate program. Non-degree students may find the planning steps unnecessary.


Your advisor's name, office and phone number are listed at the top of your degree audit. Most students have an assigned advisor. If no advisor is listed, you can meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center.

Find your degree audit, advisor and priority code (PDF)


Review your degree audit to see what requirements you still need to complete (see Degree Audit above).

You may also want to look at the BCC catalog for a description of your program and a suggested order for completing the course requirements. The catalog is on the website at   

In WebAdvisor, use a Worksheet to make a list of the courses you think you should take next semester. It is strongly recommended that you use the Course Planning Wizard to select courses. The Wizard uses your degree audit and limits your choices to only the courses that fulfill your program requirements:

  1. Go to WebAdvisor
  2. Select Academic Planning
  3. Select Plan Courses
  4. Select Course Planning Wizard

Using a Worksheet and the Course Planning Wizard to Plan Courses (PDF)

Your advisor will expect you to have put some thought and planning into your course selections before your meeting. However, your advisor is there to help review your choices so don't feel that your plan has to be perfect at this point.

After you plan courses, you can either put together your preferred list of course sections (see Step 4 below) or you can wait until you have reviewed your courses with your advisor.


Meet with your advisor to review and make changes to your plan. Your advisor can review the choices you made on your Worksheet and either approve or make revisions to your educational plan. They can also assist you in creating or revising your list of Preferred Sections.


In WebAdvisor, use Register for Sections (under Registration) to build your preferred list of course sections for the upcoming semester. You can build your preferred list prior to your scheduled registration time. Just remember that your list of preferred sections is your "shopping cart" of choices — you have not yet registered for them.

Building your preferred list of course sections (PDF)      

Once your priority code time passes, you can submit your preferred list of courses for registration. If you are successful, you will get a confirmation message on the screen and a confirmation email.

If the system will not process all or some of your choices you should get a message that explains the problem. Some of the more common issues might include:    

  • Not meeting the prerequisites for the course
  • Having a restriction on your account from Student Billing, Immunizations, Library, etc. 
  • Trying to register before your priority code permits
  • The section is closed (you may have the option of going on the waitlist)
  • The section conflicts with another course on your schedule

Your list of Preferred Sections should remain in the system and you can re-submit them if you are able to resolve the issue.  

Registering for course sections (PDF)


It is recommended that you run and review your degree audit after you have registered. Your registered courses should appear on the audit with a status of "PR" (pre-registered). Back to top   

Making Changes

You may add, drop or otherwise make changes to your schedule in Register for Sections through the end of the drop/add period (see the academic calendar). If you are making changes other than changing sections of the same course it is recommended that you consult with your advisor.

If you are making changes during the drop/add period, you should be aware of BCC's refund policies. Reducing your credit load once the semester has started does not result in a full refund of tuition and fees.

Who to Contact for Help

  • If you need assistance logging into MyBCC, contact the IT Help Desk: Field Administration, Room 105, 413-236-3004
  • If you need assistance using the Registration or Academic Planning tools in WebAdvisor, contact the the Registrar's Office: Field Administration, Room 111,  413-236-2137
  • If you need assistance selecting appropriate courses or course sections please contact your advisor or the Academic Advising Center.  

Billing Information

For the Fall semester, a bill for tuition and fees will be mailed to all registrants on or about July 14, 2017.  The billing due date will be August 11, 2017 or ten days from the date of registration whichever is later.

For Summer courses, payment is due at the time of registration. Students may either pay their bill through WebAdvisor or contact the Student Billing Office to make payment arrangements.

Students receiving veterans', National Guard or other military benefits should see Marsha Burniske in the Registrar's Office before the end of this semester.

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