BCC’s mission is to prepare students for graduation, transfer and careers; the Math Department’s mission is to help students gain quantitative literacy, understand mathematical ideas, and use them to excel in their future work. We support degree programs of study, and students will find that the rigor and demands of the courses offered here are aligned with many four-year colleges and universities. The Math Department acknowledges the recommendations of professional mathematical societies such as AMATYC and NCTM.

BCC math courses range from arithmetic through calculus and many are offered in three formats: the traditional teacher-paced lecture format, the self-paced MAT 800 format, and online.

In the MAT 800 series, students advance at their own rates and credits are earned individually. Self-motivated students can move quickly through their math credits, while those students who have not recently had math courses or who are lacking in confidence can move more slowly with the individualized faculty assistance needed to build solid foundations for long term success.

There are no lectures in this setting. Instead, students work with their texts, computers, teachers, and tutors, if desired, to learn the material. They decide when to take tests, and then are allowed to retest until they pass. Students may select MAT 800 for one or two credits, and then may choose to add more once these are completed. Each student works with his or her teacher to plan the pace at which the credits should be completed.

Pre-College-Level Math

Many students who take the Learning Skills Assessment place into Basic Math or Introductory Algebra. Our mission, as pre-college-level math teachers, is to help each student master skills, learn techniques, and gain confidence in order to build a solid foundation for college-level math. Pre-college-level courses may be teacher-paced (MAT-018, MAT-028, MAT-029, MAT-045) or the self-paced MAT 800 “modules” (MAT-011 through MAT-029C). Course credits at this level do not transfer. Major tests will be aligned in content and rigor, and are convenient for students in MAT-028/MAT-029 and the equivalent modules.

College-Level Math

Although specific programs may require more or less math, College Algebra, Elementary Statistics, and Survey of College Mathematics fulfill the BCC general education graduation requirement. Of these three, College Algebra is the most widely transferable and prepares students for pre-calculus .

The Math Department offers courses that meet the requirements at institutions where the majority of BCC students expect to transfer. Degree and program requirements vary among institutions; the responsibility for a realistic plan belongs to each student.

MAT 018   MAT 113   MAT 151
MAT 028   MAT 121   MAT 152
MAT 029   MAT 123   MAT 253
MAT 045   MAT 136   MAT 254
MAT 101   MAT 145   MAT 275
MAT 102   MAT 146   MAT 276
The following MAT 800 Modules equal 1 credit
MAT 011   MAT 028A   MAT 029B
MAT 018A   MAT 028B   MAT 029C
MAT 018B   MAT 028C   MAT 102A
MAT 018C   MAT 029A   MAT 102B
        MAT 102C