NUR 102

Physical and Mental Health II
8 Credits ■ Spring ■ HF ■ CC-CT

Development of nursing theory, practice, and process . Nursing theory includes the utilization of the principles of therapeutic communication with individuals as consumers of health care; the collaborative role of the nurse as an active member of the health team; the complex physiological principles from homeostasis through resolution in relation to human needs, developmental phases, and the client/nurse relationship; and the interrelation- ship among physical, safety, and interactional needs . Nursing practice includes the performance with dexterity of basic psycho- motor skills and health promotion and maintenance as components of therapeutic nursing care in a variety of settings . Nursing process includes the collection of a broader scope of data and the analysis of multiple types of data for the purpose of arriving at a nursing diagnosis in order to plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care . The elements of critical thinking and the role of the nurse as a provider of care, manager of care, and member within the discipline of nursing are developed and reinforced.

Prerequisite: BIO 201 and ENG 101 or ENG 103 and NUR 101 and PSY 107.
Corequisite: BIO 202 and BIO 207 and PSY 204.