Physical Education

PED 284

ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist
3 Credits ■ HF

A course designed to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills in preparation for a national certification exam in advanced health and fitness, which encompasses working with clients with various health challenges . Topics include: guidelines for instructing safe and effective exercise for clients with cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders, metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and other specialized population groups; essentials of the fitness professional; client relationship as well as the fitness professional-healthcare community relationship; and the Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist's professional role .

Prerequisites: PED 170, PED 196, PED 197, PED 241 and PED 242. Current adult CPR and AED certification. AHS 142 or current ACE Personal Trainer certification, Lifestyle and Weight Management certification; or an NCAA-accredited Personal Trainer or advanced fitness related certification; or have a four year (bachelor's) degree in an Exercise Science or related field at the time of registration and submit supporting documentation. 300 hours of work experience designing and implementing exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals and/or high risk individuals as documented by a qualified professional at the time of registration. Permission of the program advisor is required.