Priority Registration is a great time to register for Fall

Register for Fall Classes on April 10thConnector

Priority Registration is BACK by popular demand. This day ensures students have every opportunity to register for classes - with the faculty and academic advisors ready and willing to help out. The whole College comes together with one goal - helping students register and get ready to graduate. There are no classes - so there's plenty of free time for students to map out their plan for success.

Students will have a chance to win $500 to the BCC Bookstore, can complete FORUM requirements, learn about cool topics, and get a great deal on lunch!

List to activities:

8 AM – 10 AM – Breakfast Refreshments – Connector

8 AM – 3 PM - Get Registered 2018 - Connector

  • Academic Advising, Financial Services, Testing, Tutorial and the Registrar’s Office will all be stationed in the Connector to get you registered for fall!

10 AM – Financial Aid Tools & Tips – Computer Lab, F102

  • Presented by Karrie Trautman, Get all your financial aid questions answered and support as your complete your FAFSA! FORUM CREDIT

10 AM - Dealings with Difficult Subjects – Melville, 317

  • Presented by Liz Recko-Morrison - Ever wish you had a better way to express your ideas so that more people would listen? Want a way to ensure that other students hear you in groups or in class?  Do you want to stop biting your tongue at the holiday table and share your beliefs?  If you've answered any of these questions with a 'yes', this session is for you! FORUM CREDIT

11 AM – BCC Beats – Paterson Field House, Gym

  • Presented by Sherry Scheer and the Exercise Science Students - Head down to Paterson to experience the newest, trendiest fitness class! BCC Beats combines traditional aerobic movements with the powerful beat and rhythm of drums. Instead of beating on a drum, you’ll whack a large exercise ball with a pair of drumsticks, unleashing your inner rock star! Wear your sneakers! FORUM CREDIT

11 AM – Fit 3D Scan – Paterson Field House

  • Work with a BCC Student Trainer to get your very own customized body scan! A Fit3D, 360 scan is a great way to know your starting point and be able to track your progress over time. The scan provides over 200 accurate body measurements allowing you to compare and share your changes from scan to scan.

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM – Lunch Specials – BCC Cafeteria

  • All BCC students can take advantage of a $3 Lunch Special

1 PM – Stage Combat – Boland Theatre

  • Presented by Kevin McGerigle - You’ll learn how to brawl onstage with BCC’s own fight choreographer, Kevin. This super fun session will focus on how to safely conduct violence onstage as part of theatrical storytelling. FORUM CREDIT