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Board of Trustees 2013/2014
The Berkshire Community College Board of Trustees is composed of Berkshire County residents appointed to the board by the governor of Massachusetts. Some of the major functions of the board include reviewing and approving the college's programs and policies, various faculty and staff appointments, and tuition and fees not mandated by the state.  Except for executive sessions, all meetings are open to the public.  A list of meeting dates are available by clicking on this link.
Board Member and Term  Committees 
DARLENE RODOWICZ ·         Executive Committee
Chair ·         Finance Committee, ex-officio
2009-2014 ·         Human Resources Committee, ex-officio
  ·         Academic Planning Committee, ex-officio
  ·         Nominating Committee, ex-officio 
ROSS B. DINDIO ·         Executive Committee, Vice Chair
Vice Chair ·         Finance Committee, Chair 
2006-2011 / 2011-2016   
PAMELA ROBERTS ·         Executive Committee, Secretary
Secretary ·         Finance Committee
Elected Alumni Representative ·         Human Resources Committee, Chair
2009-2014  ·         BCC Foundation Trustee Liaison 
PAUL CACCAVIELLO ·         Finance Committee
Appointed Alumni Representative ·         Nominating Committee, Chair 

MICHAEL J. WYNN ·         Academic Planning Committee
MICHAEL SUPRANOWICZ ·         Academic Planning Committee, Chair
2011-2016  ·         Nominating Committee 
ALBERT A. INGEGNI, III ·       Finance Committee
2012-2015 ·         Human Resources Committee 
ROBERTO LAURENS ·         Human Resources Committee 
MARCELLA BRADWAY ·         Academic Planning Committee
2012-2017  ·         Nominating Committee 
KYLE SLATTERY   ·         Student Academic Planning Committee 
Student Trustee  
VACANT POSITION  -----------------------------
ELLEN KENNEDY, President  The President of the College is a member of each standing committee, ex-officio.