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  • Academic Advising

    Begin planning your education goals through academic counselling, mentoring, and engagement. You will also receive help registering, adding, or dropping classes.

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  • Credits & Grading

    While not the only marker for success at BCC, grades are important. Know how your grades affect you. Records of each student’s courses and grades are maintained by the Registrar’s Office.

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  • Honors

    Berkshire Community College takes pride in recognizing academically accomplished students. BCC offers a variety of opportunities for both full and part-time students who achieve academic excellence.

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Academic Support

We all do our very best to research, plan, and prepare for the things life may throw at us. However, finding success doesn't always come without a few questions. Thankfully, BCC has a wide array of resources available to find those answers, and obtain the solutions you need.

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Need Help?

If you've done all the digging you can stand, and find you're still having trouble getting a solution, you can contact someone at BCC directly.

You can rely on finding the right help at BCC.

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