Programs and Classes at BCC

Berkshire Community College is a public, community college offering more than 50 associate degree and certificate programs of study, including options and concentrations.

BCC also offers general education and foundation courses for the Bachelor's Nursing degree conferred by University of Massachusetts (UMass).

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  • Transfer Programs

    These programs parallel the first two years of similar programs at most public and private baccalaureate institutions and provide a solid basis for transfer with advanced standing. The advantages of beginning these programs at BCC before transferring to a baccalaureate institution include such items as smaller classes, personal attention, and cost. There is also much evidence to suggest that students who begin their post-secondary education at a community college tend to do better than their counterparts who start at a baccalaureate institution.

  • Career Programs

    These programs provide the theory and technical skills needed for entry into the job market immediately after graduation. Individual courses within these programs may transfer into related programs at baccalaureate institutions.

  • General Studies Program

    This program (Liberal Arts) meets the needs of students who have not yet decided on a particular field of study, as well as students who have already chosen a program and college or university to which they plan to transfer. In either case, the program provides a flexible curriculum that combines a core of transfer courses with an opportunity to explore various courses through free electives.

Degree Offerings

BCC currently offers 36 associate degree and 19 certificate programs, including options and concentrations.

  • Associate in Science

    A.S. degree programs include a minimum of 21 general education credits and do not conform to the Massachusetts Transfer Compact.

    Students who wish to be eligible for compact status may pursue additional courses.

  • Associate in Arts

    A.A. degree programs include a minimum of 33 general education credits and conform to the requirements of the Massachusetts Transfer Compact.

  • Certifications

    May be completed in one year or less, provide the skills needed for immediate entry into the job market upon program completion.

    Students wishing to pursue a certificate program must complete a learning skills assessment and be formally admitted to the college. 

Second BCC Degree

Students are eligible for a second degree upon completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours beyond those earned toward their first degree. They also must meet all the course requirements of their second program.

Second Option of Concentration

Students may complete a second option or concentration in a degree program from which they have already earned a degree. Completion of the second option will be noted on the student's academic transcript, but does not lead to another degree or formal award. 

Current Program Offerings

Allied Health


Computer Information Systems

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (A.S.) 


Engineering & Engineering Technology

Environmental Science

Fine & Performing Arts

Fire Science

Health Information & Medical Coding

Health Science

Hospitality Industry

Human Services

Liberal Arts