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College Closings

Snow and Other Emergency Days

On days when there is severe weather, the Dean of Administration and Finance, in consultation with the Director of Facilities and the Dean of Academic Affairs, will determine if the campus is safe enough to hold classes and other activities and make a recommendation to the College President, who will make a decision. The decision will be based not only on the conditions of the parking lots, but also on the conditions of access roads, both in north and south counties, and by considering information gathered through consultation with appropriate state, county, and local officials. Whenever possible, this decision will be made prior to 6 a.m. for day activities and prior to 3 p.m. for evening activities.  If no announcement is made, assume the college is open. Since there will usually be snow and other emergency days during the course of the year, we will use days as available at the end of the semester to make up classes.

Delay Opening

On occasion, due to inclement weather or some similar emergency, it may be necessary to delay the opening of the College. In that event, the following procedures will be incorporated:

The decision-making process and communication to the public will be the same as those procedures for closing (generally made by 6:00 am, and announced on the College telephone, web site, and area media).

In the event of a delay, the opening time will be the top of the hour (9:00, 10:00, etc.). For classes with other start times, as is the case on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the next full class session will meet (e.g. for a 9:00 opening, the 9:25 class will be the first to convene; for a 10:00 opening, the 10:50 class will be the first to meet).

Any classes that were scheduled to start prior to the stated opening time will be considered canceled.

Announcements regarding "snow and other emergency days" are made on local radio stations.  PLEASE - DO NOT CALL CAMPUS SECURITY OR THE RADIO STATIONS!

You may also check the radio and television stations Web sites for their "school closing" links.