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Films On Demand

Integrating Films On Demand Videos Into Moodle

Use the tips below to integrate On Demand video content into the Moodle learning management system.



Important tip: To add content using Moodle, you must first click "Turn editing on" button in upper right corner. To open a specific element for editing, click the Edit icon. When you've finished editing an element, click the Save button for the element (label varies, depending on the element).

Permalinks can be added in the main Moodle Editor window using built-in link functionality.

  1. Copy the On Demand permalink to the clipboard.
  2. In the Moodle Editor, select the text to use as the link.
  3. Click the "Insert/edit link" button on the Moodle Editor toolbar.
  4. Paste the permalink into the Link URL field in the "Insert/edit link" pop-up. You can use the Target drop-down to specify where the link should open (e.g., in the current window, in a new window).
  5. Click the Insert button to insert the link. 

 Embed code and content widget code must be added to an HTML page in Moodle.

  1. To add an HTML page to an element, click the "Add an activity or resource" link in the element.
  2. In the "Add an activity or resource" pop-up, select Page under Resources, and click the Add button.
  3.  The new page will include the Moodle Editor. Embed code and content widget code must be added in the HTML Source Editor.
  4. Click the HTML button on the Moodle Editor toolbar.
  5. Add the embed or content widget code in the HTML Source Editor pop-up, and then click the Update button.
 Please note: Moodle is a third party web platform and is not maintained nor managed by On Demand. The tips and processes listed here are subject to change at any time. Please defer to the official Moodle documentation in the case of any procedural discrepancy.