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Certificate/Business Option

Program Advisor: Gregory Panczner, 413-236-4574

The Business option of the Computer Information Systems Programming certificate emphasizes Java and C++ programming languages, as well as some basic business or math and science courses.

Graduates of this program may be employed as programmers using one of the following computer languages: Java, C++, HTML/XTML (if selected as a professional elective).

Graduates will also have 19-29 credits toward the Computer Information Systems - Business Systems Option A.S. Degree.

Expected Outcomes

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Apply fundamental concepts of programming languages and software development to solve a diverse array of problems and recognize these concepts in different languages
  • Depending on the elective track either:
    - Analyze business problems through data analysis and create viable solutions through the use of technology
    - Apply computer and networking methods, procedures and principles, and use equipment and software for the purpose of installing, troubleshooting and maintaining LAN's (local area networks)
  • Communicate clearly, accurately and succinctly through written and verbal means
  • Transition into the Computer Information Systems A.S. degree program with either the networking or business option

Graduation Requirements

Program 29 Credits
CIS 102 Fundamental Computer Literacy 4
CIS 124 C++ Programming I 4
CIS 125 C++ Programming II 4
CIS 155 Web Development 3
COM Communication OR  
ENG English Composition/Writing 3
  Professional Electives* 11
Additional As Shown  
 Demonstrated college-level skills in reading and writing  
 Minimum Cumulative Average Overall 2.000
 Minimum Cumulative Average in Program  2.000 

Suggested block for program completion

The following is a suggestion for completing this program in one year. The actual time needed to complete the program will vary according to each student's individual needs.

First Semester                                                                15 Credits

CIS 102      Fundamental Computer Literacy                        4

CIS 124      C++ Programming I                                         4

COM           Communication OR

ENG            English Composition/Writing                            3

                  Professional Electives *                                   4

Second Semester                                                            14 Credits

CIS 125       C++ Programming II                                      4

CIS 155       Web Development                                         3

                   Professional Elective *                                   7

*Options for Professional Electives
BSS 201 Microsoft Excel 3
BSS 202 Microsoft Access 3
BUS 111 Principles of Accounting I 3
BUS 112 Principles of Accounting II 3
CIS 153 Systems Operation 3
CIS 180 Network Fundamentals 4
CIS 181 Routing Protocols and Concepts 4
CIS 203 Systems Design 3
CIS 211 Data Structures 4
CIS 231 Computer Science I with Java 4
CIS 232 Computer Science II with Java 4
MAT Mathematics (see footnote 1) 3
Natural or Physical Lab Science 4
Free Elective 4


  1. Any MAT course with the "MA" General Education designation.

 NOTES: A minimum of three CIS courses must be taken in the five years prior to receiving the certificate.

For Gainful Employment disclosure information on this program follow this link: