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Human Services Certificate Program

Program Advisor: Audrey Ringer, LICSW

The Human Services certificate program teaches basic generalist human services skills and ethics, and also provides a foundation in the social services. This certificate will increase a student's opportunities for employment and advancement in human services work.

All courses required for the Certificate also meet requirements for the Human Services A.S. degree. A student who earns the Certificate will also have completed approximately half the credits required for the Human Services A.S. degree.

Graduation Requirements

To earn a certificate in this program, a student must complete all program credits and the additional requirements shown below. 

Program____________________________________ 29 Credits
ENG 101 Composition I 3
HSV 111 Human Service Methods 3
HSV 135 Intro to Community Resources
(see footnote 1)
HSV 151 Field Work Seminar I 1
HSV 161 Field Work Practicum I 2
PSY 107 Introductory Psychology 3
PSY 204 Human Growth and Development 3
PSY 226 Abnormal Psychology OR  
SOC 105 Introductory Sociology 3
SOC 208 Contemporary Social Problems 3
  Specialized Electives (see footnote 2) 5


Additional As Shown  
Demonstrated College-Level Skills in Reading and Writing  
Minimum Cumulative Average Overall 2.000
Minimum Cumulative Average in Program 2.000

Suggested block for program completion

The is a suggestion for completing this program in one year. The actual time to complete the program may vary according to each student's individual needs.

 First Semester    14 Credits
 ENG 101 Composition l                3
 HSV 135 Intro to Community Resources (see footnote 1)               3
 PSY 107 Introductory Psychology               3
 SOC 105 Introductory Sociology                3
  Specialized Elective (see footnote 2)                2


Second Semester    15 Credits
 HSV 111 Human Services Methods                 3
 HSV 151  Field Work Seminar l                1
 HSV 161  Field Work Practicum l                2
 PSY 204  Human Growth and Development                3
 PSY 226  Abnormal Psychology OR  
 SOC 208  Contemporary Social Problems                3
   Specialized Elective (see footnote 2)                3


1. A student with one year of appropriate experience may request a waiver of this course from the Human Services Program Advisor. A student who receives a waiver of this course will be able to select an additional Specialized Elective.

2. Specialized Electives should be chosen with consultation from the Human Services Program Advisor. The Advisor will help the student select the Specialized Electives most appropriate for the student's educational and career goals. Possible Specialized Electives include: AHS 148, First Aid; AHS 150, Introduction to Nutrition; COM 105, Introduction to Oral Communication; ENG 102, Composition II; PSY 208, Interviewing and Counseling; and SOC 136, Marriage and the Family.

Note: Any prior criminal offense could hinder placement in fieldwork agencies. See Criminal Offender Record Information Checks for details.


For Gainful Employment disclosure information on this program follow this link: