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Seal & Colors

College Seal & Colors

When the dream of Berkshire Community College became a reality, Tom O'Connell, BCC's first president, recognized that the institution needed an identity. His goal was to establish an identity that represented the mission and vision of this brand new institution of higher learning.

Forty years later a unified easily recognized graphic identity is still an essential requirement for organizations and institutions functioning in today's competitive environment. Examples of well-known graphic identities, include Nike, McDonald's, IBM and Coca-Cola. O'Connell's idea that BCC should be immediately recognizable and distinctive by its graphic whenever and wherever it is seen still applies.

In his book "Community Colleges: A President's View," O'Connell explains the behind the scenes philosophy that went into choosing the academic trappings "which would make the institution 'feel' like a college and which should come to mean a good deal in its future."

The following is an excerpt from his book. "The selection of BCC's seal is based on the Berkshire County seal--a road winding through the Berkshire Hills. Our Motto is from Robert Louis Stevenson: 'To Travel Hopefully is a Better Thing Than to Arrive." If understanding paradox is the beginning of wisdom, constantly exposing our students to our motto might be said to be the education process in the microcosm. The College Colors are royal blue and olive. To those who think them too 'far out' I reply a) no other college we know has them, b) they provide a very contemporary combination and some of us do like them!"

Forty-one years later the college colors remain blue and green and countless other colleges have adopted them. The falcon is still a regular summer visitor and remains a symbol of strength for BCC. And of course the motto sits proudly at the corner of Koussevitzky and Field for all who visit to see and ponder. Certainly trappings well chosen.

The College's seal is the imprimatur of Berkshire Community College. Similarly, the College's logo and logotype adopted in 1994 are its signature.

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