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McCann/BCC Options Dental Assisting Option/A.S. Degree

Dental Assisting Studies (AHS 172) Offered Only at McCann Technical School   

Program Advisor: Anna Foss, 413-236-2107

Dental assistants perform a wide variety of tasks requiring both interpersonal and technical skills. Under the supervision of a dentist, the dental assistant prepares all instruments, materials and equipment used in dental procedures, takes dental radiographs (xrays), assists the dentist in all procedures, provides oral care instruction to patients, and performs office administration tasks. Most dental assistants work in private general dental practices or dental specialty offices. Employment opportunities also exist in insurance companies and public health or hospital-based clinics.

The McCann dental assistant program, in existence since 1962, has been fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation since 1972. Graduates are eligible to take the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) certification examination. Those who pass this examination may use the designation of Certified Dental Assistant (CDA).

Students aleady enrolled in the McCann program may begin taking BCC courses concurrent with their dental assisting coursework and then continue as full- or part-time students to complete required BCC courses for the associate degree.

Other students may wish to pursue some or all of the associate degree requirements at BCC before applying to McCann for the dental assistant program.

Previous graduates of the McCann program are encouraged to contact BCC for specific advising regarding the courses necessary to qualify for the associate degree.   

Graduation Requirements

To earn a degree in this program, a student must complete the 64 program and general education credits, plus the additional requirements, shown below.

Program  43 Credits
AHS 172

Dental Assisting Studies
(see footnote 1)

AHS 150 Introduction to Nutrition                 3
BIO 150 Introduction to the Human Body                 4
CIS 102 Fundamental Computer Literacy                 4




General Education 

21 Credits
CHM 150 Essentials of Chemistry                 3
COM Communication                3
ENG  EnglishComposition/Writing                6
MAT 136 Mathematics for the Health Sciences                 3
PSY 107  Introduction to Psychology                 3
                General Education Elective
   (see footnote 2) 







Additional                                        As Shown
Core Competencies Portfolio  6 items
Forum  12 units
Health/Fitness (see footnote 3) 30 Hours
Minimum Cumulative Average Overall 2.000
Area of Specialization (All Program Requirements) 2.000 
Current DANB Certification or Certification Eligibility





Suggested block for program completion

The actual time needed to complete the program will vary according to each student's individual needs.   

 AHS 172 Dental Assisting Studies (see footnote 1) 
 BIO 150 Introduction to the Human Body
 AHS 150 Introduction to Nutrition
 ENG 101 Composition I
 ENG 102 Composition II
 CHM 150 Essentials of Chemistry
 CIS 102 Fundamental Computer Literacy  
 MAT 136 Mathematics for Health Science
 PSY 107 Introduction to Psychology
 COM Communication
                    General Education Elective (see footnote 2)






1. Dental Assisting Studies are only offered at McCann Technical School in North Adams, Massachusetts.
 2. General Education Elective chosen from History or Humanities and Fine Arts.
 3. Fulfilled by successful completion of AHS 172.