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The Community College
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Copyright Law, the Classroom
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The Community College

American Association of Community Colleges
AACC is is the primary advocacy organization for the nation's 1151 accredited two-year colleges. This site provides information on the Association's activities, as well as information on issues in education including legislation. The Associations work on the New Expeditions project which offers strategic direction for the nation's community colleges is also described here.

Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT)
The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) is a nonprofit educational organization of governing boards, representing more than 6,500 elected and appointed trustees who govern over 1,200 community, technical, and junior colleges in the United States, Canada, and England. This site provides information pertinent to the trustees and college administration.

Campus Compact National Center for Community College Engagement  
The Campus Compact Center strives to advance programs and innovations that stimulate active participation of institutions in community engagement.  They are involved in service learning and civic engagement, providing technical and training assistance, and grant opportunities.

Campus Compact National Center for Community Colleges    
This is the distribution list of contacts and is made available through (a quirky site).

Center for Community Colleges Policy
The Center strives to inform policy makers of the importance and mission of community colleges by conducting research and analysis, maintaining a web-based electronic database on issues of community college policy and serving as a clearinghouse for state officials, college leaders and the media on issues of community college policy at the state level.

Community College Research Center
Part of the Institute on Education and the Economy at Teachers College/Columbia University, the Community College Research Center promotes research on major issues affecting the development, growth and changing roles of community colleges in the United States.

Community Colleges for International Development, Inc., (CCID)
The CCID's mission is to provide global relationships that strengthen educational programs and promote economic development through international programs, training, and technical assisatance. The consortium is comprised of 22 member and 56 affiliate colleges representing 27 U.S. states, three Canadian provinces, Australia, UK, Denmark, and Japan.

Community College Survey of Student Engagement (University of Texas-Austin)
This Community College leadership project provides information on learning-centered indicators of quality for community

The League for Innovation in the Community College
The League is an international organization dedicated to catalyzing the community college movement.

National Initiative for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness (NILIE)
NILIE's mission is to conduct research and disseminate information on strategies to link leadership to institutional effectiveness and to improve student success through quality initiatives

The Rural Community College Initiative (RCCI)
"The RCCI is a national program that helps community colleges in economically distressed regions move their people and communities toward prosperity." Link to The Rural Community College Alliance is provided here also.

Transfer Retention
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, TRUCCS is a three-year, longitudinal and comprehensive study of the goals, success and academic patterns of 5,000 Community College students in urban Los Angeles.

21st Century Educational Leadership Profiles Project (University of Florida)
The Leader Profile matches individuals with the essential attributes envisioned for the work profile of the 21st Century community college president. This resource was developed with products called the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) and the Work Profiling System from SHL, Inc.

New College Scholarships for Laid-Off Workers; The unemployed can take classes free at a growing number of community colleges. Article from ThomsonGale.  From on campus, simply click on the tiitle.  Off campus access available only to students and faculty.  To access from off campu type in bar code from your library card.

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Copyright Law, ILL, & The Classroom

Copyright And The Classroom - Link to Important Information Regarding Fair Use

Contu Guidelines on Photocopying under Interlibrary Loan Arrangements
This informational page is provided by CFI, the Coalition for Networked Information, a collaborative endeavor comprised by over 200 institutions of higher learning "dedicated to supporting the transformative promise of networked information technology for the advancement of scholarly communication and the enrichment of intellectual productivity". Additional descriptions of the CONTU Guidelines can be found at North Dakota State Library site and at UCLA's guideline page. These latter sites offer a very clear description of copyright law as it effects Interlibrary Loan procedures and policies.

Copyright Code 17
The Copyright code with discussion, provided by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University (LII). "The LII is known internationally as a leading "law-not-com" provider of public legal information." They offer "opinions of the United States Supreme Court handed down since 1992, together with over 600 earlier decisions selected for their historic importance, over a decade of opinions of the New York Court of Appeals, and the full United States Code".

Copyright and Fair Use
An excellent informational site created and maintained by Stanford University.

Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom, on the Internet, and the World Wide Web
A very detailed guide to copyright created by the University Of Maryland.

Copyright Information  
These pages created by the Libraries of the Ohio University system, provide extensive discussion of the Copyright Fair Use, Brevity, Spontaneity and Cumulative Effect Tests, as well on document delivery, interlibrary loan services and copyright and instructional media.

Educator's Guide to Intellectual Property
White paper created by graduate students at University of Illinois; good, if wordy, introduction to terms and issues often heard in the debate.

University of Texas Copyright in the Library
One of the best sites on the web for copyright information.

Univeristy of Texas: Crash Course in Copyrighting
An excellent interactive tutorial and information site on copyright.

University of Texas on Fair Use and Intellectual Property
Copyright and intellectual property.

The University of Texas introduction to the TEACH Act
The TEACH Act expands the scope of educators' rights to perform and display works and to make the copies integral to such performances and displays for digital distance education, making the rights closer to those we have in face to face teaching


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Faculty Resources - Plagiarism resources

Plagiarism Detection Sites Understanding Plagiarism

Plagiarism Detection and other sites

Berkshire Community College and plagiarism

Mass General Laws
State of Massachusetts on the sale of papers.

Detecting Plagiarism
This site includes free sources for detecting plagiarism.

Georgetown University on Plagiarism  
Excellent site defining plagiarism for faculty and students alike.

Marcie's Website : Plagiarism and Cheating 
Rutger's Center for Teaching and Learning Waaka (wiki) site with extenisive linkson the subject of plagiarism.

Plagiarized. Com: A Definitive Guide to detecting plagiarism
Step by step guide to detecting plagiarism. Odd site, but there is some useful information.
"The Learning Center is designed to help educators and students develop a better sense of what plagiarism means in the information age, and to teach the planning, organizational, and citation skills essential for producing quality writing and research." This site does link to detection software which can be pricey, but the free information is still very valuable and includes definitions, citation information, printable handouts and more.

O'Keefe Library on Plagiarism
Legal aspects and more links on the subject. Compiled by St. Ambrose University.

Plagiarism: Council of Writing Program Administrators
Definitions, causes and shared responsibilities for students and faculty for plagiarism. Best practices and guidelines. Somewhat controversial position here. Created by the Council of Writing Program Administrators, a national association of college and university faculty.

Plagiarism Resource Site
This section of the larger resource site provides links to a variety of software tools, and other resources.

Understanding Plagiarism and Academic Integrity   
Extensive site created by the University of Michigan with links to othe rmajor academic websites that discuss this issue.

Plagiarism Detection Services
From the University of Michigan, this site provides good abstracts on the major detection services. Recently updated.

University of Maryland: Plagiarism Resource Site (Detection services)
Lists of resources, including fee based programs. This site was created by the University of Maryland, and includes detection services, evaluation of detection services, articles on incidence, academic integrity, assignment development, etc.

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NOTE: The best resource for grant writing is the Foundation Center.
"Established in 1956, and today supported by more than 600 foundations, the Foundation Center is the nation's leading authority on philanthropy, connecting nonprofits and the grantmakers." While the Foundation Center is located in New York City, there are are Cooperative Collection Centers throughout the United States. Five such centers are operated in Massachusetts, one of which is the Berkshire Atheneum. It is highly recommended that you visit their collection. They are located on One Wendell Ave, Pittsfield, MA 01201. There phone number is (413) 499-9480.

Berkshire Taconic Foundation
A list of grant and scholarship opportunities that Berkshire Taconic manages. For information clickon the New World Fund 

Chronicle of Philanthropy
Full text now available free providing you are on-campus. If off campus you can still access this journal for free through Gale Thomson's Expanded Academic ASAP database. Simply search publications for the Journal of Philanthropy.

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Information on grants made to nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status that serve Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties.

EPA Grants
Grants and funding in New England.

The Foundation Center
Primary resource for finding grant funding. Subscriptions are fee based, but this site provides plenty of free resource material. Especially helpful is the free grant writing tutorial (online registration, while free, is required.), establishing a non-profit, Understanding Foundations, International Grants, and many more. Many of the free tutorials and classes run ninety minutes, so give yourself time to complete these. NOTE: There are five Massachusetts Libraries housing Foundation Center Core collections, one of which is the Pittsfield Atheneum. These highly specialized and regularly updated collections are highly recommended, as they include texts outside the scope of our library.

Grant Proposal - How to Write a Grant Proposal
This commercial site,, provides a general overview of grant writing, along with a lot of advertising. Still, ample and helpful links are provided and a brief description of the grant writing process is given, which while informative, is not an indepth tutoria. (See the free online tutorials through the Foundation Center above). Also, be aware that links may bring you to organizations which describe their own internal processes for submitting outside grants, and that these may not apply to your or your institution's specific needs.

GrantSmart is an informational and interactive resource center for and about the nonprofit community. We have gathered data about private foundation activities that may be of interest to grantseekers

Massachusetts Cultural Council
Information on grants program.

National Endowment for the Humanities
Includes links to grant information.

National Endowment for the Arts
Upcoming grants and grant information.

Philanthropic Studies Index
Online version of the Philanthropic Studies Index (PSI, a reference tool to literature on nonprofit organizations, fundraising, and charitable giving.

Top 50 US Foundations awarding Grants for Higher Education - 2007 
PDF file with data presented in a table.

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Student Affairs

Association of College Unions
Accessible with free user registration this site helps college unions and student activities improve their programs and services.

National Association for Campus Activities         
The purpose of the NACA is to advance campus activities in higher education through a business and learning partnership, creating educational and business opportunities for its school and professional members. Established in 1960, NACA now has more than 1,000 college and university members and close to 650 associate members who represent artists, lecturers and performers.

Links to professional organizations, careers, online journals and other sites of interest.

National Academic Advising Association
Professional resources and conferences.

National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
NASPA provides professional development, promotes exemplary practices, and is a leader in policy development. NASPA helps senior student affairs officers and administrators, student affairs professionals, faculty, and other educators enhance student learning and development.

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Learning Communities

Carnegie Foundation's Integrative Learning Project
Research site on this national project involving ten institutions, including community colleges.

Carnegie Foundation: Institutional Leadership Themes & Participants: Building Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Communities                     
Read about the how other institutions share and develop models for building scholarship of teaching and learning.  This excellent site provides examples and useable models, tools.

Communities in Practice
Information on Communities in Practice, featuring discussion on the work of Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger, definitions, and links to other sites.

Communities of Practice: Learning as a Social System
Etienne Wenger's article from "Systems Thinker," published in June 1998.

Communities of Practice: An International Learning Experience 
Paper delivered by faculty from Valencia Community College on international learning community projects

.Dynamic Learning Communities: An Alternative to Designed Instructional Systems - Learning Communities
Article by Brent Wilson (University of Colorado at Denver) and Martin Ryder

Electronic Learning Communities
"The ELC Group in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology is led by Assistant Professor Amy Bruckman. Our research focuses on the design of communities on the Internet. Our work is inspired by an educational theory called constructionism the idea that people learn best when they are making something that is personally meaningful to them."

Integrated Learning Garden
Maricopa Community College's Learning Community site.

Iowa State's Center for Teaching and Learning
Includes information on their learning communities.

The Labyrinth: Sharing Information on Learning Technologies - Learning Communities
1996 article by Alan Levine at Maricopa Community College.

Learning Communities Annotated Bibliography - Learning Communities - Bibliography
Bibliography of information published through the 1990's, compiled by UW-Madison FC Assessment and Evaluation team.

MCCCD: Integrated Learning Communities- Learning Communities - Maricopa Community College
A very useful monograph written by Geri Rasmussen and Elizabeth Skinner. Also from Maricopa Community College:

National Learning Commons at the Washington Center
From Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education at the Evergreen, The National Commons serves to provide a national resource for curricular learning community work. This organization is involved in summer institutes, mentoring opportunities, the compilation of a national directory and the creation of online tools and resource links.


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Service Learning

American Association of Community College's Horizon Service Site
"The goals of AACC's national project, Community Colleges Broadening Horizons through Service Learning, are to build on established foundations to integrate service learning into the institutional climate of community colleges, and to increase the number, quality, and sustainability of service learning programs through an information clearinghouse, data collection and analysis, model programs, training and technical assistance, publications, and referrals." Information, publications and grant links provided here.

Campus Compact
Website of the national coalition of colleges and universities involved in civic projects that promote community service and the development of student citizenship skills through engagement. For BCC/Campus Compact projects, click here.

Community College National Center for Community Engagement
This site, hosted by Maricopa, provides service-learning papers and interviews from conferences, direct access to the Online Journal for Civic Commitment, funding opportunities and mailing lists.

Corporation for National and Community Service
Established in 1993, CNS purpose  is to engage Americans of all ages and backgrounds in service to help strengthen communities through AmeriCorps, Senior Corps and Learn & Service America.

Learn & Serve and Serve America supports and encourages service-learning throughout the United States, and enables over one million students to make meaningful contributions to their community while building their academic and civic skills. By engaging our nation's young people in service-learning, Learn and Serve America instills an ethic of lifelong community service.

International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership
Service learning on a global level , this organization offers programs in 14 countries,uniting academic study and volunteer service while "giving students a fully integrated study abroad experience."

National Service Learning Clearinghouse    
A highly informative site provides up-to-date news of service learning projects around the country, funding information, government resources, bibliographies and a wealth of resources for educational institutions, including higher education.

Service Learning at Maricopa Community College
A good way to develop new programs at any college is to investigate the innovations existing at other institutions. Maricopa's involvement in service learning is highlighted here.

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) involves investigating student learning and using the findings to implement informed changes in teaching practices. It facilitates the sharing of our reflections with colleagues on findings and so construct a new and ever expanding body of knowledge on teaching and learning.

The SoTL approach thrives on examining practices, documenting work, and sharing lessons so that teachers can build on them. By fostering collaboration, cross-disciplinary teaching, innovation, and peer review opportunities are created for communities of learning. SoTL focuses on student learning and is driven by questions about how to help students develop deeper understandings and improve critical thinking.

The following are links to SoTL sites.

Carnegie Foundation- CASTL 
CASTL represents a major initiative of The Carnegie Foundation. Launched in 1998. CASTL seeks to support the development of a scholarship of teaching and learning that: Fosters significant, long-lasting learning for all students. Enhances the practice and profession of teaching. Brings to faculty members' work as teachers the recognition and reward afforded to other forms of scholarly work. In addition to information on workshops and seminars, this site features extensive links to Carnegie Publications, online articles including works by Lee Shulman and Pat Hutchings, and other resources for educators.  

Carnegie Foundation - Online Publications - EBrary
Most of these are PDF files which can be easitly read, printed and/or downloaded.

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology's SoTL Page- Illinois State University
In addition to their Summer Institute and conferences, this site provides extensive information on the many national professional and academic organizations, programs and journals that support SoTL (Disciplinary Support). It also offers links to tutorials, papers and publications, other SoTL web pages, funding opportunities and a bibliography. 

Center for Teaching and Learning, SoTL at UMASS, Dartmouth  
This is the page of UMass Dartmouth, an affiliate of the Institutional Leadership Program sponsored by the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

COPPER - Middlesex Community College
An excellent local site developed by Tom Laughlin at Middlesex Community Colleges. This site is the place to begin your research. Middlesex Community College has been involved with SoTL through the work of Prof. Donna Killian Duffy, for almost a decade. Their web site features information on their SoTL related activities including the Carnegie Summer Institute. Links to full text articles and papers on learning communities, assessment and SoTL techniques. The COPPER Blog gives visitors an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas. There is also an online COPPER Newsletter.

Disciplinary Examples of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - Buffalo - State University of New York
A discipline by discipline list of papers on SoTL, as well as other resources.

Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 
Online journal published by the University of Indiana.  Full text is available at this site. 

International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning    
ISSOTIL was founded to encourage  scholarly work on teaching and learning internationally in each discipline, within other scholarly societies, and across educational levels.  They " promote cross-disciplinary conversation to create synergy and prompt new lines of inquiry and facilitate the collaboration of scholars in different countries and the flow of new findings and applications across national boundaries."

SoTL - University of Indiana
This important center was host for ISSOTIL in 2009.

The Visible Knowledge Project
Sponsored by Georgetown University, the Visible Knowledge Project is "The Visible Knowledge Project (VKP) is a five-year project aimed at improving the quality of college and university teaching through a focus on both student learning and faculty development in technology-enhanced environments." The site features current projects bibliographies, and links to full text articles, resource kits for educators, and current projects.

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