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A guide to over 42,000 businesses on the Web listed by category and complete with search engine. Proof that .com's are still alive and well.

Online site of ecommerce magazine with selected full text articles and table of contents.

CommerceNet was formed in 1994 to help create a unified eCommerce movement. Since then it has provided a unique business development network for the advancement of eCommerce. It was instrumental in the establishment of a common security protocol and in creating a vehicle (TrustE) to set and enforce rules governing the collection of data about Web users. It continues to lead in innovations and development of eCommerce technologies and services.

Statistics and Web marketing information.

eBusiness Forum
Global business news and analysis.

eCommerce Times
Online e-commerce newspaper.

Government information electronic commerce site.

This site created at Vanderbilt University is the nation's first academic research center dedicated to the study of the Internet. In 2001, eLab became the first research center to build an entire infrastructure to study actual online consumer behavior.

The Information Age : he Economics of the Internet, Information Goods,
Intellectual Property and Related Issues
This very useful University of California at Berkeley site features links and information compiled by Hal R. Varian, Dean of the School of Information Management and Systems at Berkeley.

Red Herring Venture Capital
Featured stories and news.