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Databases & Indexes


GroveArt - On Campus Access Here - Off Campus Access Here and enter your last name and barcode number from the back of your library card.
Grove Art Online contains the full-text of The Dictionary of Art - the landmark encyclopedia of world art. Grove Art Online also includes all 2,800 articles from The Oxford Companion to Western Art [OCWA] and continues to offer new content .


Art index. New York: H.W. Wilson. (See shelf for holdings: 1965-2002) Ref N1 .A1 A7 v.15-49
Journal of aesthetics and art criticism: cumulative index, volumes, 1941-1977, subject index, author index, title index. Edited by John Fisher; subject index by Lars Aagaard-Morgensen. Philadelphia: The American Society for Aesthetics, c1979. Ref N70 .J6

Illustration index. Lucile E. Vance and Esther M. Tracey. 2d. ed. New York: Scarecrow, 1966. Ref N7525 .V3 1966

Index to reproductions of American paintings: a guide to pictures in more than eight hundred books. Isabel Stevenson Monro and Kate M. Monro. New York: Wilson, 1948. Ref ND45 .M57

Index to reproductions of European paintings: a guide to pictures in more than three hundred books. Isabel Stevenson Monro and Kate M. Monro. New York: Wilson, 1956. Ref ND45 .M6

Sculpture index. Jane Clapp. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1970-1971, 2 vols. in 3. [This indexes where a work is reproduced and where it is located.] Ref NB .C55

Directories, Indexes, Art Reference Sources and Tours

ADAM or the Art, Design,Architecture & Media Information Gateway is a searchable catalogue of over 2,500 Internet resources that have been selected and catalogued by professional librarians.

Search hundreds of art museum sites for exhibits and artists. While a commercial site, it is well organized and includes a valuable search engine.

Art History Resources on The Internet
The site is organized by these categories: Art History Gateways; Image Libraries; Themed Exhibits and Collections; Focused Exhibits; Online Catalogues; Organizations and Teaching, and Student Projects. This site is maintained by Jim Everett, a CTICH Coordinator at the University of Glasgow. The Computer Teaching Initiative Centre for History, Archaeology & Art history is a subject based resource site

Art History Resources on the Web
This Sweet Briar College Site is extraordinary and easily searched. The global world of art is classified and indexed into five logical subdivisions in accordance with the organization of Gardner's Art through the Ages, a standard survey text of art published by Harcourt and Brace: This is a very complete site and is well worth a visit to.

ArtHistory Network
Art history, archaeology and architecture resources on the web, including journal links.

An art dictionary for artists, collectors, students and educators interested in
production, criticism, history, aesthetics, and art education.

Artist Index
Index of artists with brief biographies on each, organized in alphabetical order.

Art Theory Criticism: A Directory Aesthetics
Subject areas covered include art theory, art criticism, theoreticians and semiotics.

Biographical Dictionary of Historians, Museum Directors and Scholars of Art
A unique database of biographical information about scholars and historians in the Arts.

Digital Library of Decorative Arts
This University of Wisconsin sponsored site provides primary and journal documents, searchable images, and additional resources for information about the decorative arts.

Fine Art Forum- Museums
Listing of links to museum pages all over the world.

Internet Public Library
Hundreds of previewed links created and maintained as a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment by the University of Michigan School of Information.

World Art Treasures - Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation
An unusual and creative source for slides organized by period and location. Articles and essays are also provided here.


Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Go to The Director's Choices for an overview of works from all collections, or look specifically at the European Painting Collection.

Tour with Sister Wendy
This is the online companion piece to the very popular art history series on PBS. Sister Wendy Beckett takes viewers on a tour through six of America's greatest art museums.

Tour of the Uffizi
This is the official site of the Uffizi in Florence, Italy, which houses some of the most important treasures of the Italian Renaissance.

Tour of the Sistine Chapel
This site provides information on and photographs of the Sistine Chapel. Follow the link to the Sistine Chapel, but becareful not to get lost in other areas of this Vatican site. Many areas of the official Vatican page are incomplete, and links sometimes go nowhere.

Virtual tour of the Louvre
Tour the Louvre without leaving home. This gallery by gallery guide features all the highlights of this wonderful museum.

Essays Online

Alberti, On Painting
This site features the English translation of Leon Battista Alberti's classic text, Della Pittura, the first modern treatise on the theory of painting. . "Although Della Pittura appeared at a moment-1435-36-when the old and the new order in art were still existing side by side in Florence, it broke with the Middle Ages and pointed the way to the modern era."

Art by Clive Bell
"This essay is an excerpt from the book Art, originally published in 1914. It is in the public domain and may be freely reproduced. Clive Bell (1881-1964) was an English art critic best known for promoting his theory of formalism."

Art, and the Philosophy of Art, Arthur Danto
Originally published by Humanities, Vol. 4, No. 1 (February 1983), pp. 1-2. Arthur C. Danto (1924- ) is a well known art critic who has written for the Nation. He is the author of a number of books including The Transfiguration of the Commonplace: A Philosophy of Art (Harvard University Press, 1981) and is the Johnsonian Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Columbia University.

Artists on Art
Brief statements and sayings made by artists on their art. Included here are Cassatt, Cezanne, Constable, daVinci, Delacroux, Giacometti, Haring, Lkee, Matisse, Mondrian, Motherwell, Schnable, Van Gough, Whistler and many more.

Camille Paglia On Pre-Raphaelite Art From Sexual Personae
A discussion on this 19th century movement from the 1990's anti-feminist party line, proto structuralist, angina inducing ahistorian of socio-political cultural phenomenon. Intellectual heartburn with a twist.

Camile Paglia: What is a Picture
Paglia discusses Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

Foucault on Magritte
Excerpts from the article "peindre n'est pas affirmer" literally, "To Paint is Not to Affirm" on Magritte's, This is Not a Pipe.

Ruskin: The Writings of John Ruskin
A very well constructed site featuring excerpts from all volumes of Modern Painters, Joy Forever, Unto this Last, Fors Clavigera and Stone of Venice. Also included are essays on Ruskin as well as images. This site is a University Scholars Programme Project.


American Architecture
While a commercially based site, American Architecture provides useful general information links organized by style, a Glossary of historic house terms and an illustrated architecture dictionary.

Architecture Links on the World Wide Web
A wonderful, extensive list of hundreds of links covering all areas of architecture, created and maintained by Professor. Jeffery Howe of the Fine Arts department at Boston College.

Buckminster Fuller Page
Not just about architecture, but a whole philosophy of life applicable to everyone on space ship earth is described in this page, a companion piece to the PBS special on this great man.

Digital Archive of American Architecture
This Boston College site features photographs and illustrations and is organized chronologically and by building type. Comparative materials are also provided.

Frank Lloyd Wright Links
This site featuring numerous links is maintained by Boston College.

Cyburbia, the Internet's oldest portal site for urban planners and others interested in cities and the built environment, contains a selective directory of Internet resources relevant to planning and urbanism. Originally created as "Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Directory" or PAIRC, it is now a much richer resource allowing links to be indexed in a hierarchical directory.

Profile Search: Architectural Firms in the USA
A powerful search engine that will locate most architects working in the United States.

Royal Institute of British Architects
This site includes a directory of links to international architectural associations and organizations, as well as architectural firms worldwide. Links are given to sites dedicated to the works of great architects of the past such as Inigo Jones, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Christopher Wren, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Gerrit Reitweld. Links are also organized by periods and educational links are given too.