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Print Media & Sculpture

Print Media and Pre-Guttenberg items

America in Characture
"This online exhibition highlights selections from a rich collection of political cartoons in the Lilly Library. The caricatures depict times of turbulence in American history and range in date from the Revolutionary War to the War of 1812 and to the presidential elections of 1860 and 1864 which brought Abraham Lincoln to the White House. To facilitate browsing, the exhibition is divided by time period and includes a section on the history of caricature. "

Book of the Deer
From Firth's Celtic Scotland, this site highlights an early illuminated manuscript, The Book of The Deer. "A small but rather wide 8vo form of eighty-six folios (twenty of which are illustrated here). It contains the Gospel of St John and portions of the other three Gospels; a fragment of an office for the Visitation of the sick, the Apostle's Creed; and a charter of King David I to the clerics of Deer. The notices in Gaelic of grants made to the monastery of Deer are written on blank pages or on the margins. These texts are thought to be the oldest examples of Gaelic writing from Alba." (Scotland)

The Book of Kells
Discussion of the Book of Kells. You can also go to the Trinity College site.

Early Insular Illuminated Manuscripts: Merging of Oral and Literate Cultures
An article with links to images of manuscripts, including Durrow, by Elizabeth Howie.


Beazely Site - Oxford University
This is part of the University of Oxford's Ashmolean Museum and contains numerous photos of some of the sculptures, held there, as well as illustrated descriptions of how those objects were created.

The sculpture of this important Baroque artist.

Henri Bouchard
A well constructed site on late 19th to mid-20th century French sculpture, Bourchard. Included is a chronology, biographical material, examples of works, a discussion of the artist's style and his techniques.

Camile Claudel
Rodin's model and a sculpture in her own right, this page discusses her work and life.

Christo und Jeanne-Claude: The Art of Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Site for this sculpture whose technique is wrapping.

Cycladic Art - Museum of Cycladic Art
Images of sculptures made on the Greek islands called 'the Cyclades' between 3200 B.C. and 2000 B.C., as well as other periods of Greek art. This American museum is associated with the Clycladic Museum in Athens.

The sculpture of this important Renaissance artist.

Greek and Roman Art at the Louvre
Greek and Roman halls at the Louvre. Click on selected works for examples in these categories: Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Etruscan, and Roman Sculpture.

Greek Art from the MET's New Galleries
Selections from the collection, including the well known statue of Kouros. All images include commentary.

Greek Sculpture
Photographs of major works including some from the Parthenon. University of Colorado site.

Greek Sculpture - Main University of Colorado Site
The main page of the University of Colorado site. Includes links to architecture as well.

Greek Sculpture - Boston Museum of Fine Art
Online selections from the permanent collection.

Greek Sculpture
Selections of sculptures. Color slides donated by Rev. Francis Sullivan, S.J. Scanning and label text by Andrea M. Frank, Curator of Visual Resources, Boston College, and Shannon Seaders, assistant.

Greek Sculpture: The female figure
Images from all periods of ancient Greece. Another University of Colorado page.

Chaim Gross

International Sculpture Center
This is the Web site for The International Sculpture Center which seeks to advance the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society. In addition to membership information and newsletter the site provides links to education programs, conferences, museums and galleries and technical resources.

The life and work of Michelangelo are well described on this slick site created by Web site and computer game designer, Neil R. Bonner.

Excellent index of the sculptures, architectural drawings and paintings of Michelangelo. After clicking on the period you are interested and you will be given a selection of works to view. Click on the i for more information on the work. Click on the work to view the piece in magnified detail. Images are so clear, that you can see the brush strokes. You can adjust the image to fit height or width. You can also change backgrounds behind the image from dark to light.

Henry Moore Foundation
This site provides information on the life and work of Henry Moore, as well as information on research opportunities of Moore and of sculpture. The Henry Moore Foundation seeks "'to advance the education of the public by the promotion of their appreciation of the fine arts and in particular the works of Henry Moore".

Naim June Paik

Rodin Museum
A well designed site maintained by the museums in Paris and Meudon with information about the life and images of the work of the most famous 19th century French sculpture.

Rodin Web
The RODIN-WEB offers images, links and book recommendations relating to the French sculptor and draftsman AUGUSTE RODIN (1840-1917). Included here are online essays, overview of the corpus of his work, and upcoming events.

Roman Sculptures at the Boston Museum of Fine Art
Selections from the collection. Note: This site is not completed.
Resources for sculptures with links to many sites, including commercial sites.

Sculpture: Athena through the Centuries
Images of sculptures of Athena

1,200 Years of Italian Sculpture
This is an extraordinary site featuring Italy's finest sculptural works from medieval through modern times. The site can be searched by artist name; by period (Romanesque and Early Middle Ages, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern); and by the cities where the sculpture is located (mostly Italian, but several representative cities worldwide). Click on the title of the work and you will get a fuller description of the item. The site is In English and Italian

Vatican - Statue Gallery
Selections from the Statue Gallery of the Vatican. This site includes the famous, Lacoon Group.