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Online Learning

Looking to fit some college courses into your very busy schedule? You don't have to go far.  Distance learning at BCC means that you can choose courses that use the web, interactive video or a combination of technologies to study, learn and earn BCC college credit at times and places that are convenient to you.

We offer:

Online Courses: With access to a computer and the Internet, you can take a fully online course right at home by enrolling in one of our online courses.  Online courses allow students to take courses by computer at the hours that they choose.  Through the use of Moodle - BCC's online Learning Management System (LMS) - students access and submit course material and communicate with classmates and the instructor.  These courses, as with any courses, require extensive work, study time, and communications, in this case online, but they offer students course-scheduling flexibility, as well as the opportunity to learn and communicate in new, effective ways.

Hybrid Courses: These courses combine the best of both worlds: class meetings on campus at times set by the instructor with online assignment requirements you can complete from home according to your own schedule.

Web-Enhanced Courses: Many of BCC's regularly scheduled on-campus courses are enhanced with online course material for your convenience.

Video Conference Courses: BCC currently offers credit and OLLI (non-credit) courses via video conferencing.  Video conference courses allow you to take courses closer to your home or work.  Students at more than one campus or location are able to see, hear and respond to their instructor and each other via this real-time video system.  See WebAdvisor and OLLI course schedules for availability.