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Statistical Data Sites
Links to sites providing datasets which can be loaded in .xls and other formats.

Housing and Urban Development Datasets
"HUD USER provides interested researchers with access to the original electronic data sets generated by PD&R sponsored data collection efforts, including the American Housing Survey, HUD median family income limits, as well as microdata from research initiatives on topics such as housing discrimination, the HUD-insured multifamily housing stock, and the public housing population." Datasets are listed on the right by topic.

Stat Library: Data Software and News from the Statistics Community
"Stat Library is a system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by electronic mail, FTP and WWW. StatLib started out as an e-mail service and some of the organization still reflects that heritage." For datasets, click Data on the left hand side and then click datasets. (There were links to 99 sites providing hundreds of datasets as of 10/10/03.)

You will find a myriad of categories of datasets. You can even submit your datatsets so other people can reference them. StatLib is hosted by the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University.

Statistical Abstracts
Online version of the government publication containing statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States.

University of California at San Diego - Data on the Net
"Search or browse our listing of 361 Internet sites of numeric Social Science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries, social science gateways, addresses and more. " Includes a very speedy search engine.

University of California at San Diego - Searchable Catalogs of Data
This is an extraordinary site listing organizing providing data for every imaginable topic, from the Statistics Of Churches In The United States, State File, 1890 obtainable through the American Religion Data Archive at Purdue University to Pathological Gambling in Arrestee Populations in Des Moines, Iowa, and Las Vegas, Nevada, 2000-2001, from the National Archive of Criminal Justice.


US Census Bureau Datasets
"All tables and maps for all geographies including the U.S., states, counties, cities, towns, American Indian reservations, metropolitan areas, zip codes, census tracts, blocks..."