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Online Periodical Index Databases
Free Databases and Selection of Links to Websites



Periodical Databases Indexes - Access from on Campus:

Academic Search Premiere EbscoHost

AcademicOne File - Gale/ Infotrac
Science Online - FactsOn File Brochure on using Science Online

Periodical Databases Indexes - Click Here to Access from Home


General Chemistry Sites Inorganic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Nuclear Chemistry
BioChemistry Organic Chemistry
Femtochemistry Physical Chemistry

Chemistry Careers Link

General Chemistry Sites

BioChemHub - The Online Biology and Chemistry Education Center
A comprehensive site with links to guides and tools including chemical data, laboratory supply vendors, and teaching resources for organic and analytical chemistry.

The American Chemical Society offers this site to allow users to keep up with what is going in the field of chemistry. You can access online journals and magazines, find career information and information for students and educators of all levels, and search Chemical Abstracts Service and other chemistry related databases. Also in the Discover Chemistry section you can have some Chemistry fun including the "Joke-a-Rama" and "This Week in Chemical History". The list of recommended Chemistry sites is quite extensive with many geared toward help for students.

ChemFinder is an Internet search engine that is specially designed to conduct the complicated searches required to find chemical information on the Internet.

Provides structure and nomenclature information for chemical substances. To access a version which does not require plugins go to

MIT's online Periodic Table is fast and easy to use and provides a lot a basic data on the elements.

Chemistry Help Pages
This site has been selected by the editors of as one of the best on the Internet. These pages were originally designed to help my chemistry students but have now been transferred to the School of Education and so are open to anyone that might find them useful. This sited was created and is maintained by Dr Clive Buckley from the School of Education and Humanities, North East Wales Institute in Wrexham. This site includes information on everything from foundation chemistry, bonding and Gravimetric analysis to report writing.

Chemistry Links
An excellent gateway to sites covering all areas of chemistry, created by Ryan Robinson, and I a recent college graduate of Geology Eastern Washington University. Mr. Robinson devised this site as a way to promote science education.

Chemistry Links
Another excellent compilation of links, this one created by Clive Buckley and David Harrison, faculty at the Wales Institute of Higher Education.

ChemSpider is a chemistry search engine that aggregates and indexes chemical structures and their associated information into a single searchable repository

IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry
From the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, a reference guide to look up classification and terms from the field of Organic Chemistry.

Knovel Critical Tables
This interactive handbook contains tables of physical, solvent and thermodynamic properties for organic and inorganic compounds and pure substances.

Martindale's The "Virtual" Chemistry Center
Comprehensive collection of links organized into broad main categories: Chemistry Overview, Periodic Tables and Databases; Chemicals & Biochemical Databases; Analytical Chemistry; and First and Second Year Courses, Tutorials, and Video.

National Academy of Sciences
Established by Congress to "investigate, examine, experiment and report upon any subject of science or art", the academy reports to the nation by drawing on the expertise of members who represent the very best in their fields from academia, industry and government. To this end the site includes current science news and information on just about every branch of science imaginable including the full-text of reports. Of special interest in the area of chemistry is a section on ozone depletion

NIST Chemistry WebBook
Through a search engine at this site you can find a huge amount of information on chemical species which includes chemical and physical property data.

Open Directory Project: Laser and Optics
Links to several hundred sites including atomic and laser physics, laser history, laser safety and many types of lasers. The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

Though the site is not as easy to read as the MIT one above, the information provided by this online Periodic Table is more extensive, including history of each element and names in other languages.

WWW Chemistry Guide
Invaluable site for finding information on the web for all areas of chemistry, including green chemistry, chemistry blogs, polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc. The WWW Chemistry Guide, a web site designed for the specific needs of chemists, is authored by Andrey Frolov (Ph.D. in organic chemistry, 7 years experience in organic synthetic chemistry).

WWW Chemistry Virtual Library
An well-maitainted index of chemistry resources on the web, with sections listing companies, journals, databases, dictionaries and other tools, and subtopics within the field of chemistry.

Analytical Chemistry

The Analytical Chemistry Springboard
A collection of links to articles, papers, and other informational resources, with categories for each method or technique used in analytical chemistry. Also includes categorized links for general resources such as newsgroups, tutorials, online journals, and suppliers of chemicals and equipment.

Analytical Chemistry Cross-Index
A cross reference index for terms and concepts central to analytical chemistry. Entries for each term will include a definition and links for related topics.

Analytical Chemistry: the authoritative voice of the analytical community
The latest issue and articles from the journal, Analytical Chemistry. The magazine is devoted to discussing new topics in analytic measurement, including the latest techniques and methods.


Biochemist E-volution
The latest biochemical news, book reviews, job postings, training information, a calendar of events as well as the latest issue of the magazine, "The Biochemist" are all available from this website published by the Biochemical Society.

Biochemistry Links
Extensive and recently updated collection of links, this broad web page was created by Professor Jeffrey Cohlberg for his students at California State University.


Femtochemistry: Atomic-Scale Dynamics of the Chemical Bond By Ahmed H. Zewail
This anthology, which is adapted from the Nobel Lecture, gives an overview of the field of Femtochemistry from a personal perspective, encompassing our research at Caltech and focusing on the evolution of techniques, concepts, and new discoveries.

Brief description of femtochemistry.

List of References on Femtecond Spectroscopy References:
University of Southern California site.

Noble Prize Announcement for Ahmed H. Zewail
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Announcement of the 1999 award to Prof. Zewail. Biographical data on Zewail can be found at

Professor Richard Zare's Website at Stanford University
Includes links to articles, commentaries and presentations.

Inorganic Chemistry

About Chemistry: Lectures and Lab Notes
While a commercial site, these pages provide useful, though basic information about the concepts of inorganic chemistry. Included here are study guides, lecture notes, and laboratory exercises.

Chemistry, Biology and related disciplines in the WWW
Links, many in English, to chemical information sites. Maintained by the Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Center, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

Free Chemical Software
This site maintained by the ACD Labs. This site is linked and is provided as a resource by Cheminitz University of Technology.

Inorganic Chemistry Links
An excellent collection of links maintained by the Chemistry and Biochemistry department of DePauw University.

Inorganic Chemistry Safety Tutorial
Tutorial created by the Chemistry Department at the University of Alberta for the safe handling of chemicals.

Inorganic Chemistry Teaching Links
This site is maintained by Washington State University.

Spectroscopy Tutorial
Tutorial created by the Chemistry Department at the University of Alberta for using spectroscopy. Please consult the technical requirement page before going to the tutorial. For further help, consult the Practical Infrared Spectroscopy Tutorial and Help Pages. These include guidance and technical details to assist with technique, spectrometer operation, and troubleshooting.

Nuclear Chemistry

ABC's of Nuclear Science
" The ABC's of Nuclear Science is a brief introduction to Nuclear Science. We look at Antimatter, Beta rays, Cosmic connection and much more. Visit here and learn about radioactivity - alpha, beta and gamma decay. Find out the difference between fission and fusion. Learn about the structure of the atomic nucleus. Learn how elements on the earth were produced." Produced by the Nuclear Science Division ---- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Introduction to Atomic Structure
An excellent introduction to the subject by Professor Clive Buckley.

Nuclear Chemistry - Shodor Education Foundation
Online text prepared by the Shodor Foundation in cooperation with the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Includes chapters on Gas Laws, Thermodynamics, Kinetics, Equilibria, Redox Chemistry and the basic mathematics matrix.

Organic Chemistry

Classic Organic Reactions
Need to illustrate your chemical documentation with chemical structures? Need to view and analyze the geometry of 3D chemical structures? Need to predict C-13 or H-1 NMR shifts? How about using molecular mechanics to explore reaction energetics. All of the Classic Organic Reactions images were created with ChemPen software.

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
A collection of categorized links to sites in the field of Organic Chemistry, including sections for databases, scholarly literature, work-up, structural analysis, chemical reaction instrumentation, set-up, and equipment.

IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry
From the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, a reference guide to look up classification and terms from the field of Organic Chemistry.

Understanding Chemistry: Basic Organic Chemistry Menu
An informational site offering tutorials on different aspects of Organic Chemistry.

SDBS: Integrated Spectral Database System for Organic Compounds
A searchable database for organic compounds offering searches by name of the organic compound, molecular formula, CAS registry number, or by specifying characteristics of the compound. Results include the Spectral Code, Molecular Weight, and a diagram of the chemical structure.

Physical Chemistry

NIST Chemistry WebBook
The NIST Chemistry WebBook provides access to data compiled and distributed by NIST under the Standard Reference Data Program. It provides information to Thermochemical data for over 7000 organic and small inorganic compounds; Reaction thermochemistry data for over 8000 reactions; IR spectra for over 16,000 compounds; mass spectra for over 15,000 compounds; UV/Vis spectra for over 1600 compounds; electronic and vibrational spectra for over 4500 compounds; constants of diatomic molecules (spectroscopic data) for over 600 compounds; ion energetics data for over 16,000 compounds; thermophysical property data for 34 fluids.

The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
Information at the foundation of modern science and technology from the Physics Laboratory of NIST. This site addresses three topics: fundamental physical constants, the International System of Units (SI), which is the modern metric system, and expressing the uncertainty of measurement results.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Comprehensive and qualitative discussion of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the law introducing entropy change as a driving force for spontaneous processes.


Chemistry Careers Link

Careers for Chemists
This page was created and is maintained by the University of Massachusetts. It succinctly answers the questions of what you can do with a degree in Chemistry, and breaks out the various options within the field, such as biochemistry, forensic and physical chemistry.

Massachusetts Bio Careers
Search for jobs posted with MBC, including those for chemists and biochemists. You can also visit the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council site here. MBC is a not-for-profit organization that provides services and support for the Massachusetts biotechnology industry.

Sponsored and provided by the journal Science this site allows you to search for jobs by keyword, category and location