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A site created specifically for undergraduate psychology students and which includes quizzes, class notes, pages on psych writing, graduate schools, journal and further links. 

Extensive links in all areas of psychology are provided on this site which maintained by Douglas Degelman, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology at Vanguard University of Southern California.

American Psychological Association
The homepage of this long-established association is divided into three main sections. The information provided for students includes education, career, and funding information. The section for the public contains all sorts of information, including books and other publications, an APA-Style helper, the latest news, and a gathering of information on frequently researched topics.

The American Psychological Society
The homepage for this organization includes links for job postings, news, conventions, publications, and membership information. Also, under Psychology Links, you will find a listing of just about every type of psychology-related society that you could imagine.

Encyclopedia of Psychology
Created and maintained by Dr. William Palya. Professor in Psychology at Jacksonville State University,   this site is intended to facilitate browsing in any area of psychology. "There are two paths envisioned for this purpose: Original information generated by respected researchers and practitioners in various fields of psychology. A hierarchical database of links to websites providing information about scientific psychology."  Categories of links inlcude Career, Environmental Behavior, Organizations, Paradigms & Theories, People and History, Publications, and Underlying Reductionistic Machinery.  Includes a page of Psychology Metasites and Megasites.

History of Pschology Links
Fascinating site linking to the histories of not only academic psychology programs throughout the world, but of archives and collections. Maintained at the University of Ohio at Dayton.

History of Psychology - WWW Virtual Catalog 
History of Psychology sites vetted by the WWW Virtual Catalog. Virtual Catalog sites are regularly inspected and evaluated for their adequacy as information sources before they are linked from here.

Internet Resources in Psychology and Related Disciplines
Important site created and maintained by Princeton University. Links are divided into over twenty general subject resources areas with many subcategories in each.

Mental Health Net
One of the oldest & largest online mental health directory guides. The homepage includes news items and links to many featured topics. Thorough and timely coverage of all materials with links to articles on treatment, online resources, organizations, online support, and research.

NYU World Wide Web for Social Workers.
The most extensive, reviewed site online in this field. Includes links in a variety of categories including education and government.

Online Classics In Psychology
An Electronic Resource Developed by Christopher D. Green at York University, Toronto, Canada, this site includes classic text material and a search engine. Full texts available include the works of Freud.

A comprehensive set of neuroscience related links in a clearly organized arrangement by Mark Dubin at Colorado University.

A Collection of Web Resources for Psychological Scholars and Budding Psychological Scholars developed by Professor John Kranz at Hannover College.

Psychology Degrees and Online Info: AcademicInfo
Search online degrees in Psychology and other resources from the AcademicInfo magasite.

Psychology with Style: APA Writing Guide
A complete guide to writing created by Professor Plonsky, University of Wisconsin.

Pscychology WWW Virtual Library
"The Psychology Virtual Library keeps track of online information as part of The World Wide Web Virtual Library. Sites are inspected and evaluated for their
adequacy as information sources before they are linked." The servers for this system are provided by the University of Florida. Links to related social sciences and a search engine are included here.

Psychological Science Net
A megasite linking to all areas, including academic and commerical sites.

The American Psychological Association produces this web site - a search engine for psychology topics. It indexes psychology-related sites that are mainly governmental or organizational. In other words, reliable information.

Psych Web
Designed for students and teachers of psychology, this is a good place to start looking for psychology-related information on the Internet. Sections of coverage include careers, academic departments, journals, online pamphlets, tip sheets for psych majors and writings on topics like sports and religion as related to psychology.