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Graduation Information

Graduation or Certificate Application

Students must indicate their intention to graduate or complete a certificate by filing a graduation application form with the Registrar's Office by the appropriate deadline.  The deadline dates are noted on the application form.  

The deadline is about two months prior to the date of graduation. For example, March 15 is usually the deadline for spring graduation. Students should check with the Registrar's Office for specific deadlines for each graduation date. The earlier a student applies, the sooner a degree audit of his/ her record will be made. This will enable the student to make up any apparent deficiencies.

Download a copy of the Application for Graduation or Certificate Completion.  Complete and sign the form.  Be sure to check off the program you are completing on the second page of the form.  Submit the form to the Registrar's Office or you can drop it off at the South County Center.

The Registrar's Office will review your academic records and notify you of your eligibility for graduation.

Graduation Dates

BCC recognizes three graduation dates:

  • at the end of the summer session,
  • the end of the fall semester,
  • and Commencement at the end of the spring semester.

Diplomas will be distributed to students at this time. Transcripts of students who complete degree requirements will show the appropriate graduation date.

While degrees will be conferred and certificates awarded as of the indicated graduation dates, only one annual Commencement is held, and the official program for that occasion contains the names of all who have completed their degrees and certificates since the last Commencement.

BCC graduates are expected to attend Commencement exercises in the spring.

Graduation Honors

A number of academic distinctions are made known at the graduation ceremony. These include the introduction of a Valedictorian, and the recognition of students graduating from a degree program with Honors (3.250 to 3.749 cumulative grade point average) and High Honors (3.750 to 4.000 cumulative grade point average).

Graduation Requirements

To be considered a candidate for graduation, a student must have been admitted to a degree or certificate program at BCC. Go to Admissions Process for New Students. Students must complete one half of their program's graduation credit requirements by enrollment in regularly scheduled classes at BCC. Hence, a student may not meet more than one half of the program's graduation requirements by transfer, examination, prior learning experience, or a combination thereof.

To be awarded an Associate Degree, students must earn an overall minimum cumulative average of 2.000, and a minimum cumulative average of 2.000 in all courses in the area of specialization. To be awarded a Certificate, students must earn an overall minimum cumulative average of 2.000, and a minimum cumulative average of 2.000 in the certificate program requirements. Specific degree and certificate program requirements are listed for each program in the Programs of Study section. Any substitutions must be approved by the program advisor and, in the case of general education requirements, the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The appropriate waiver/substitution form must be filed with the Registrar's Office. Also, in addition to their program and general education requirements, degree-seeking students must complete:

Health/Fitness Requirement

BCC's Health/Fitness requirement promotes lifelong optimum health by providing students with the education and skills for maintaining physical fitness. Students may meet this requirement through one of the following options:

  • Two credits of BCC Health/Fitness courses; or
  • Thirty hours of participation in supervised non-credit activities such as intramural, athletic teams and clubs, health fitness center or weight loss clinic programs, dance programs, or an indepen­dent study course; or
  • A combination of one credit and 15 hours BCC courses that meet the health/fitness requirement are designated "HF" in the course descriptions. There is also a consolidated list of these courses in the General Education Requirements.