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Learning Skills Assessment (LSA)

To ensure that students register for classes that are appropriate for their current skill level, BCC requires all new students to take the Learning Skills Assessment prior to registering for classes. The LSA is designed to measure your current skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The LSA consists of three sections: reading comprehension, a short essay, and mathematics. There are no failing or passing scores for the LSA. The results are used to place students in the appropriate level courses.

Taking the LSA

Unless exempt, all students enrolled in a degree or certificate program, whether full time or part time, must take the LSA prior to advisement and registration. The assessment may also be required for non-degree students to demonstrate that they meet a particular course prerequisite. Students who have completed prior college coursework should see the exemption information below.


Students who have completed previous college-level coursework in English and/or mathematics with a grade of C or better may be exempt from all or part of the LSA. Exemption decisions are made by the Coordinator of Admissions and the Coordinator of Assessment and Testing. To obtain an exemption, you must provide evidence of your previous coursework, such as a transcript.

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