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Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards


The Jonathan Edwards Library celebrates the individual after whom we are named. 

Jonathan Edwards was a seminal force in Early American religious history. Edwards was a forceful preacher, prolific writer and controversial theologian, who earnestly believed that America's destiny was divinely ordained.

Yet living at the brink of the Age of Entlightenment, Edwards was able to successfully marry the philosophy of Locke and the dynamic universe of Newton with the Puritan experience of supernatural grace and spiritual redemption. He was one of the leading figures in the Great Awakening, a religious revival that strongly impacted colonial society during the mid-eighteenth century.

Born in Windsor, CT on October 5, 1703, he spent many years in Massachusetts, preaching for twenty years in Northampton and later, worked for eight years as a missionary to the Native American population of Stockbridge. Edwards eventually became President of the College of New Jersey, now Princeton University.

General Sites

A Jonathan Edwards Chronology
A thorough online chronology maintained by Yale University. "This chronology of Edwards's undated writings is based on that established by Thomas A. Schafer, Wallace E. Anderson, and Wilson H. Kimnach, supplemented by volume introductions in The Works of Jonathan Edwards , by primary sources dating from Edwards' lifetime, and by secondary materials such as biographies. "

Jonathan Edwards
This brief biographical essay includes links to two full text texts by Edwards, Treatise on Grace and Treatise Concerning Religous Affections.

Jonathan Edwards on the Great Awakening
"An account of the second wave of the Great Awakening in Northampton, Massachusetts, is given in the following letter of December 12, 1743, addressed by Jonathan Edwards to the Reverend Thomas Prince in Boston."

Mark Dever preaches Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Rev. Dever preaches Jonathan Edward's famous sermon, originally preached in Enfield, Connecticut July 8, 1741.   These files are downloadable audio files.

Perspectives in American Literature - Jonathan Edwards
An excellent, unbiased assessment of the life and work of Jonathan Edwards, created by Paul Reuben, Ph.D. Professor of English, California State University Stanislaus.

Sermons of Jonathan Edwards - Sermon Index
The sermons and discourses are arranged chronologically by Schafer number, text, doctrinal statement or main subject, and date (Dating techniques and nearly all of the early chronology are the work of Thomas A Schafer. See WJE, 13, 59-109). Other information, such as occasion, repreaching, and publication history, is also included where available. Unless otherwise indicated, manuscripts are at Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (General Manuscripts 151).  A companion site and webblog can be found here.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This entry for Jonahath Edwards includes a discussion of Edwards' metaphysics, value theory, epistemology, and his History of Redemption.


Essays on Jonathan Edwards

The Anachronism of Jonathan Edwards, by H. Richard Niebuhr 
Niebuhr taught at Yale University Divinity School, and was "one of mid-century's most respected teachers and writers" on theological issues. "The following article was adapted from an address he delivered in Northampton, Massachussets, on March 9, 1958, to commemorate the bicentennial of the death of Jonathan Edwards. It was excerpted from Theology, History and Culture: Major Unpublished Writings, by H. Richard Niebuhr, edited by William Stacy Johnson, with a foreword by Richard R. Niebuhr, published by Yale University Press in 1996".

An Appraisal of the Great Awakening
This is a paper that Martin Luther King wrote for American Christianity (Colonial Period), taught by Raymond J. Bean at Crozer Theological Seminary. From the King Archives.

The First Great Awakening
A brief essay on the First Great Awakening by Christine Leigh Heyrman Department of History, University of Delaware.

The Great Awakening: Lecture
Essay on the Great Awakening by Terry Matthews, Adjunct Professor at Wake Forest University.