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Scholarships 2014

Once a year the BCC Foundation embarks on a scholarship campaign for transfer, returning and incoming students. (Please note: Other (external) scholarship information can also be found at this link: Scholarships-External.) The campaign for returning and transfer students begins February 3rd, with applications due March 6th and award notices sent to students the first week of May. NEW students have until April 14th to complete their scholarship application. Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA to be eligible for scholarship. This is the only time of year that the BCC Foundation awards scholarships.

 Below is a list of scholarships available to students each year. The amount of each award is contingent on the performance of the stock market and the economic climate. Scholarships range from $250 to full tuition and fees. Only one application is necessary to qualify for the BCC scholarships listed below.

  • If you will be a new student in the fall or are currently a BCC student that has earned less than 12 credits, online scholarship applications are available March 10th.  Click here for application information.
  • High School and Home School Student Scholarships: If you are of high school age, not eligible for financial aid and intend on enrolling in a course at Berkshire Community College, you are eligible to apply for scholarships.
  • Little Bit'O Help Book Loan Program: if you are a BCC student you may apply for a book loan for the
    semester.  Click here for more information and an application
  • Endowed Scholarship Funds

    Acts of Kindness Scholarship

    Interprint Scholarship

    Adams Community Bank Scholarship

    Drs. Selma & Robert Josell Scholarship

    Rose & Norman Avnet Scholarship

    Elaine Kriger Kaplan Scholarship

    Edward S. Bandurski Memorial Scholarship

    Howard & Nancy Kaufman Scholarship

    Alexander M. Bashara Scholarship

    KayBee Toys Early Childhood Education Scholarship

    BCC Administration Scholarship 

    William & Marilyn Kirby Scholarship

    BCC Foundation General Scholarship

    David & Suzanne Klausmeyer Scholarship

    John Beauchamp Memorial Scholarship

    Dr. Milos & Maria Krofta Scholarship

    Berkshire Bank Scholarship

    Gary Lamoureaux Scholarship

    Berkshire Environmental Action Team Scholarship

    Larkin Family Scholarship

    Berkshire Life Insurance Company Scholarship

    Donald & Marion Lathrop Scholarship

    Berkshire Mutual Insurance Company Scholarship

    Lee Bank Scholarship

    Berkshire Quilt Festival Scholarship

    James & Marie Lynch Scholarship

    Max & Shirley Bookless Scholarship

    Thomas & Carol McCann Scholarship

    Ruth P. & Nicholas Boraski Scholarship

    Matthew J. Merritt Family Fund

    James Border Scholarship

    Barbara A. Nichols Education Fund Scholarship

    Karen Canfield Border Scholarship

    Irene G. Wojtkowski Nuciforo and The Honorable

    John & Jane Bresnahan Scholarship

    Andrea F. Nuciforo, Sr. Scholarship

    Gerard E. Burke Hillcrest Educational Centers Scholarship

    Gilda Palano - Ada Comstock Scholarship

    Karen Canfield Border Scholarship

    Alice M. Pederson Memorial Scholarship

    Zoa Pratt Campetti Scholarship

    Rod J. and Pauline D. Pedrotti Scholarship

    Paige Beaudin Clark Memorial Scholarship

    Perrott Family Scholarship

    Crane & Company Scholarship

    Physical Therapist Assistant Club Scholarship

    Eugene & Roslyn Weiss Crowne Plaza Scholarship

    Pittsfield Anti-Tuberculosis Scholarship

    Crescent-Pittsfield/York Rite Masonic Scholarship 

    Pittsfield Cooperative Bank Scholarship

    Thomas J. Curley & Patricia Lynch Curley Scholarship

    Mary Lowell Pizzonia Scholarship

    Frank Deane Scholarship

    Plungis Family Scholarship

    Eugene A. Dellea Scholarship

    Concetta J. Polidoro Rilla Scholarship

    Channing & Ursula Ehret Dichter Scholarship

    Polish National Alliance Scholarship

    Quality Printing Scholarship

    Paul E. Raverta Scholarship

    Nicholas & Theresa DiSantis 

    Alan Robertson Berkshire Enterprises Scholarship

    Helen Downey Memorial Scholarship

    Paula E. Robinson Memorial Scholarship

    Epworth Mission Trustees Scholarship

    Claire M. Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship

    Faculty Scholarship

    Edith & Gerhard Roming Memorial Scholarship

    Dr. Armand & Dr. Donald Feigenbaum Scholarship

    Ellen Ruberto Scholar

    Sanford H. Fisher Scholarship

    Salus Populi Scholarship

    Daren Fitzpatrick Criminal Justice Scholarship

    Mark & Betsey Selkowitz Scholarship

    Hon. Jack & Jane Fitzpatrick Scholarship 

    Sheehan Health Group Scholarship

    GE Plastics Scholarship

    Southern Berkshire VNA Scholarship

    General Dynamics Scholarship

    Arthur & Sylvia Stein Scholarship

    Mary and Catherine Gillette Scholarship

    Stevenson & Company Scholarship

    Leo and John Gillette Scholarship

    Joyce A. Stolfo Scholarship

    Greylock Scholars Program Scholarship

    Catherine C. Taylor LPN Mobility Scholarship

    Grace Hampel Scholarship

    Larry Vaber Scholarship

    Hillcrest Commons/LPN Club Scholarship

    Viniar Honors Scholarship

    Barbara & Andrew Hochberg Scholarship

    Votaw Fund Scholarship

    Hoosac Bank Scholarship

    Vincent E. & Claire B. Walsh Scholarship

    Rollin D. Hotchkiss Scholarship

    Fred Warren Memorial Scholarship

    Teresa M. "Trete" Hourihan Scholarship

    Robert A. Wells Scholarship

    Husky Applied Technology Scholarship

    Richard L. Whitehead Scholarship

    Samantha Inman Scholarship

    Eleanor Williams & Frances Stalvey Scholarship

    International Student Scholarship

    Richard Ziter Scholarship

    Scholarships Funded Yearly

    Accounting Practitioner Scholarship

    Edwin & Lola Jaffe Scholarship

    Achieving Your Dreams Scholarship

    Edwin & Lola Jaffe Scholarship

    Isaac Altarez Scholarship

    Gail MacMilan Scholarship

    Austin Riggs Award

    Mary Matilda Marcy Scholarship

    George L. Babcock Scholarship

    Gloria B. Moffa Memorial Scholarship

    Berkshire Conservation District Environmental Science Scholarship

    New World Fund Scholarship

    Berkshire County Board of Realtors Scholarship 

    Overcoming Obstacles Scholarship

    Berkshire County School Counselors Association Scholarship

    Pittsfield Rotary Club Scholarship

    Berkshire Entrepreneurs Network Scholarship

    Pittsfield Town Players Phil McHugh Scholarship

    Berkshire Health Systems Spirit of Caring Award

    Constance M. Quinn Memorial Scholarship

    Berkshire Healthcare Systems Long Term Care Award

    Alan Robertson Veterans Scholarship

    Berkshire Honors Scholar

    Al Rosen Scholarship

    Berkshire Medical Center Physicians' Award

    Ellen Ruberto Scholar

    Robert M. Boland Scholarship

    Rhoda Rubin Memorial Nursing Scholarship

    Lawrence Caesar Scholarship

    Marilyn Schmidt Scholarship

    Antonio & Giovanna Caparello Scholarship

    Maria Sabucedo Seoane Scholarship

    Ethel M. Carter Memorial Scholarship

    Serre and Guertin Family Scholarship

    Lee Cheek Complementary Care Award

    A.E. Sharpe Memorial Scholarship

    Helen E. Clatterbaugh Memorial Scholarship

    Rudy Sondrini Memorial Scholarship

    Thomas Clement & Wonsook Kim Scholarship

    St. Luke's Spirituality in Nursing Award

    Eugene A. Dellea Hillcrest Hospital Foundation Scholarship

    Student Government Association Scholarship

    J. Edward Dery Jr. Memorial Scholarship

    Elena R. Tamburello Scholarship

    Doscher Family Scholarship

    Raymond M. Tart Scholarship

    Helen Downey Memorial Scholarship

    Donna S. Weber, MSW, LICSW Human Services Award

    Fairview Educational Fund

    James T. Williamson Scholarship

    Fairview Hospital Physicians' Award

    Thomas C. & Anne Everest Wojtkowski Scholarship

    Michael Grogan Memorial Scholarship

    ZONTA Scholarship

        Click here for MORE Outside Scholarships