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All full-time, day students (12 credits or more), all full- and part-time students in Nursing and Allied Health programs (regardless of year of birth), and all foreign-born students, are required to present evidence of:

  • One dose of Tdap
  • Two doses MMR vaccine
    (given at least one month apart beginning at or after 12 months of age)
  • Three doses of Hepatitis B
  • Two doses of Varicella

Nursing and Allied Health program students and all foreign-born students must have current Tuberculosis testing.

Students must complete the immunization form included in their welcome packet (or by clicking here to print a copy of either: Immunization Requirements or Immunization Requirements for Foreign Born Students) and return it to the Immunizations Records Office (A-100) before the first day of classes.  Failure to return the form will subject the student to withdrawal from the college.

Copies of the Report of Medical History and Health Evaluation form are available in Admissions (F-114), the Immunization Records Office (A-100), or printable from here: Report of Medical History and Health Evaluation.

Records are maintained in the Immunization Records and Allied Health Medical Records Office (A-100).