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Eastern Europe


Albania: The Land of Eagles/History
Brief history of Albania beginning with the Illyrians.

Albanian Homepage
History, culture and virtual tour of the region. History page includes articles on the Illyrians, the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Nationalism, World War II, Socialism and the fall of Communism. Historical figures are also described.

Baltic Region

Baltic History Sites
Compiled by the Insitute of Baltic Studies, this site includes mostly Estonian history sites.

Baltic Institute of Folklore
Information about the region which includes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Founded by the academic folklorisic institutions of these Three Baltic states in 1995.

Baltic World
Contemporary news items, essays, brief country histories in the archives section, and much more. Recent features included personal recollections of the KGB and a yiddish folktale from Vilna.


Belarussian Literature

Belarus History and Personage Page
Extensive list of resources, many in English.

Belarusian Chronicles
Chronological history beginning with in the 9th century.

Belarusian Heritage
History, culture, famous Belarusians, heraldry, and music.

Hyper History - Belarus
Plenty of information on Belaruz organized by Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs>

WWW - VL History of Belarus
Virtual Library's Belarus page with many links to sites of historic interest.


Balkanaram: Music and Folklore
Bosnian folklore and music, as well as links to sites featuring the folklore of other countries in the region.

Bosnia Homepage
History of the region as well as of the recent war.

WWW - VL : Bosnia
Virtual Library's Bosnia history page with many links to sites.

Two different sites on this page, one for the history from 681 until 1944, the other for the Rulers of Bulgaria, 639 until 1996.

History of the Proto-Bulgarians
Archeological subject articles about the Bulgarian region.

WWW-VL : Bulgaria
Virtual Library's Bulgaria history page with many links to sitest.


Croatia Homepage - History
Brief chronology of Croatian history.

Croatia Net
Graphics and text make up the articles outlining the history of Croatia on this site.

History of the Serbs in Croatia and Slavonia
Full text of this recently published history

Slavic Review
Some articles are given in full text for the current issue. Information about this University of Illinois publication.

WWW- VL : Croatia
Virtual Library's Croatia history page with links to many sites and resources.

Czech Republic

Online magazine about Jewish life in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Czech Repository at the Library of Congress
The Library of Congress has the best collection of Czech and Slovak texts outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This site describes the collection housed at the Library of Congress.

Czech and Slovak History and Culture
Numerous links created by the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Cedar Rapids, Iowa . This Website is recommended by the Library of Congress.

Historyof the Roma Minority in the Czech Republic
An essay about the history of gypsys in the Czech Republic created by Prague Radio

Jewish History of the Czech Republic
Includes information on the history of Jewish people in Czchoslovakia.

Radio Prague
Virtual history tour produced by Radio Prague in a long and short version.

WWW- VL : Czech
Virtual Library's Czech history page with many links to sites


The Art Museum of Estonia
Virtual art museum of Estonia, as well as descriptions of a number of established Art Museums in the country.

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Current issues and links to other resources about Estonia. Site in English.

Estonian History Museum
Photographs, images and text are used to describe the collections and exhibits at this museum. The English translation for this site was recently completed.

CIA World Factbook on Estonia
Useful information about Estonian culture, geography, and society.

Radio Prague's History of the Czech Republic
A virtual exhibit with graphics and links.

WWW- VL : Estonia
Virtual Library's Estonian history page with many links to sites.


Chronology of Hungarian History
Brief Chronology of pertinent dates in the History of Hungary.

Famous Hungarians and Noble Prize Winners
Many Noble Prize Winners were Hungarian or of Hungarina descent. Biographical information on these people and on the many notable Hungarians throughout history. (From George Cuckor, Harry Houdini and Franz Lizt to George Soros, Paul Newman and George Pataki.)

Habsburg History H-Net Discussion
Site for discussion on the history of the Hapsburg Monarchy.

History of the Jews in Hungary
Includes a brief overview, a more extensive description of the Holocaust in the Carpatho-Ruthinia and a photographic archive of Jewish Budapest.

Historical Text Archive op=listarticles&secid=22
Articles on various subjects in Hungarian History. Created by Professor Don Mabry, University of Missisissippi.

Hungarian Culture
Information and links to a multitude of cultural organization in Hungary.

Hungarian History
Brief outline of Hungarian history.

Hungarian History Maps and Coats of Arms
This site contain maps, some quite large and detailied, and explanatory text of Hungary.

Hungarian Inventors and Inventions
From the Hungarian Patent Office, biographical information on a wealth of Hungarian inventors.

Hungarian National Museum
Exhibits and some historical information. In English and Hungarian (Magyar).

WWW- VL : Hungary
Virtual Library's Hungarian history page with many links to sites. Includes full texts of historical works on Hungary, maps, essays and further links. A very complete site.


History of Latvia
History, chronology, seafaring in Latvia, historical sites, museums and maps are all featured on this site created by the Ltvain Institute.

WWW- VL : Latvia
Virtual Library's Latvia history page with many links to sites.


Jewish History in Lithuania
Discussion on the Jewish people in Lithuania, as well as a few links to other sites.

Lithuania History
Article on the history of Lithuania, with links to sites holding contemporary issues/documents on the country.

Overview of Lithuanian Roots
Full text of book describing the history, culture, social practices and customs of Lithuania.

Teutonic Knights
Site discusses The Teutonic Order, a medieval Military Order. Created as part of ORB, Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies at the University of Kansas.

WWW - VL -Lithuania
Virtual Library's Lithuania history page with many links to sites


History of Macedonia
Links to history, heraldry, biography, and archology sites as well as to government and current events/issues sites in and about Macedonia.

Many scholarly articles on the history of Macedonia, from Alexander the Great until the present century. Many have graphics and images. Interesting articles on the Greek and Macedonian conflicts, past and present.

Macedonia History and Politics
Article on Macedonian tracing history from antiquity to the present.. Part of the Hellenic Resource Network's page.

Macedonia through the Ages
Articles from ancient times through the Republic. Includes articles on the Orthodox Church.

WWW - VL -Macedonia
Virtual Library's Macedonia history page with many links to site


WWW - VL - Moldova
Virtual Library's Moldova history page with many links to site.


Castles and Palaces of Poland
Commercial site with some historical information, and numerous photographs of castles and palaces, some famous, some more obscure.

History of Poland
Complete history of Poland in six parts.

Poland: A Country Study
A large site which includes information on all areas of Polish history, including early history, the Jagiellon Period, the Renaissnace, partitioned Poland (after 1795), the World Wars, the Polish People's Republic and the Collapse of the Communist State. This site was created by the Library of Congress.

Polish American Historical Association
Information from this organization, founded in 1942, and dedicated to the study of Polish American history and culture.

Polish Chronology
A short chronology of Poland.

Polish Folklore
Sites of interest for folklore researchers. Includes Polish and Polish American sites.

Polish History Internet Journal
This new, academic site is under construction, but promises to offer a complete history of Poland, archival photographs, and links to other scholarly sites. An on-going project of the Economic History Chair of the Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza in Poznan and Prof. John Kulczycki from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

National Museum of Warsaw
Museum site.
The Virtual Library's complete history of Poland with many links.


The history of the Transylvanian Saxons
Interesting article written by students at the University of Hamburg.

Romania - History
Online history from ancient to modern times, created by the Embassy of Romania in Norway.

Vlach Connection and Further Reflections on Roman History
Article on Daco-Romanian history from the The Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series, a non-peer-reviewed electronic journal.

WWW-VL Directory of History of Romania
The Virtual Library's complete directory of sites pertaining to Romanian history. Many full texts, archival documents, maps and other important resources.

Russia Directories

Russian History Index
Not pretty, but according to the British Museum Library, the best site in existence on Russian and Slavic studies. Created at the Slavic Rearch Center at Hakkaido University, in Japan.

Sher's Russian Index
A large index of information on Russia.

WWW-VL : Russia
A complete directory and index of Russian Sites on the World Wide Web, including maps, archival documents, articles, links, historical associations and locations, history, archaeology and politics.

Russian Sites

Alexander the Great and His Times
A Narrative History of Russia in the Age of Alexander II, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky with links to hundreds of images and other materials. Created by Prof. Walter Moss, Georgetown University

Archeology in Russia
Numerous full text articles on recent excavations and scholarship, rated for reliability. Includes articles on the Scythians, on megalithic sites and the early medieval period.

Beyond the Pale: The History of Soviet Jews
Overview of the history of the Jews from the Diaspora till the present, replete with graphic and textual content and concentrating on the attitude against Jews in Russia in the 18th-20th centuries.

Central Asian Studies World-WIde
Sponsored by the Central Asian studies program at Harvard.

Chronologies of Russian History
This site chronicles the events that shaped and continue to shape Russian history. Information is divided into four periods: Kievan-Appanage (860-1689), Imperial (1689-1916), Soviet (1917-1991) and Post-Soviet (1991 to the present. It also provides links to related materials on the Web. The chronology has been

Chronology of Russian History
Links to multiple chronologies.

Civil War in Russia - 1993
Recent history of the Former Soviet Union under Yeltsin.

Communist Nations since 1917
From the University of Kansas, this free online course and text book traces the rise and fall of the 20th century Soviet State. and other communist nations. Web site links are also given.

Crimean Tatars
Chapter on Crimean Tatars from J. Otto Pohl's Ethnic Cleansing in the USSR, 1937-1949. (Originally published by Greenwood Press, 1999.)

Documents in Russian History - Part I
Presented by Seton Halls Russian and East European Studeis program, this site contains a selection of excerpts from primary documents intended for use in teaching Russian history.

Encyclopedia of Marxism
An A-Z, searchable encyclopedia database.

Euasia News
Recent geopolitics in the area.

The Gulag
Information from the Library of Congress.

The Hermitage Museum
Thanks to technology, we now have this digital self-portrait of Hermitage Museum and its treasures.

House of Rurik
Early royal Russian dynasty, with biographical information.

Khazaria Information Center
Fascinating site about the Khazars. "Over a thousand years ago, the far east of Europe was ruled by Jewish kings who presided over numerous tribes, including their own tribe: the Turkic Khazars."

Khrushchev - Speeches
Biographical information, as well as key speeches given during the Cuban missle crisis are included here.

Lenin Texts Archive
Biographical information, speeches, commentary and links. This site is maintained by an Internantional Marxists Organization.

Lenin Musoleum
While the historic photographs and texts are important to studying the period, what is amazing to anyone over forty is that this even Website exists. There is even a place to vote on whether the mausoleum, as historic venue, is worth maintaining.

Meeting of Frontiers
"Meeting of Frontiers is a bilingual, multimedia English-Russian digital library that tells the story of the American exploration and settlement of the West, the parallel exploration and settlement of Siberia and the Russian Far East, and the meeting of the Russian-American frontier in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest."

Peter the Great and the Rise of Russia: 1682 - 1725
Part of Fordham's online Modern History project, this site provides social, cultural and political information on the era.

Research in the Former Soviet Archives
Information on the archives, and current projects.

Revelations from the Russian Archives
From the Library of Congress, information on the Stalin's purges, the Secret Police, the Gulag system, Censorship, Famine in the Ukraine, Perestroika, WWII, and the Cold War.

Royal Russia
Articles, primary documents, and links about the Russian royal dynasties, the Orthodox Church and the culture and politics of Old Russia, created and maintained by the Imperial Russian Historical Society.

Russian and East European Network Information Center
Sponsored by University of Texas, a clearinghouse for information on the region.

Russain Empire - 1895 -1910.
A work in progress, this is a computer database listing 900 stereoscopic photographs of Russia from the Keystone-Mast collection. Presented by California Museum of Photography (University of California, Riverside).

Russian History
Oddly organized site with worthwhile historical descriptions.

Russian and the former USSR
History links created by The Russian Department of Bucknell University .

Russian Longitudinal Studies Site
The RLMS is a household-based survey designed to measure the effects of Russian reforms on the economic well-being of households and individuals

RBC - Russian Business News
The latest Russian stock prices from MICEX (exchange) and breaking news affecting the economy.

TOL - Open Media Research Site
The leading Internet magazine covering Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union. This Site is sponsored by Czech nonprofit dedicated to strengthening independent journalism, TOL is based in Prague

WWW Virtual Guide to the History of Russian and Soviet Science and Technology
Directory of many history sites with full text and images and including journals, maps, bibliographies and other data.

Serbia & Montenegro

Jews of Yugoslavia 1918
Includes history of jews in Serbian region as well as other parts of the former Yugoslavian republic.

Medieval to Modern Serbian History
Articles with numerous graphics and images describe the history of Serbia from the Middle Ages through the Second World War. This site is maintained by, which is associated with the Serbian Unity Congressis a non-profit, pro-American international organization representing Serbs and friends of Serbs committed to ensuring the continuation of the Serbian heritage

Brief overview of the history of Montenegro.

South Slavic Collections at the Library of Congress
Description of collection.


Byzantine Church in Slovakia
History of the Byzantine Catholic Church in this region. Site is in English, German and Slovakian.

Full online history writen by Prof. Jozef Komornik, DrSc. at Comenius University in Slovakia.

Slovakia History: Guide to the Slovak Republic
General History of Slovakia with numerous images and graphics.

WWW- VL : Slovakia
Virtual Library's Slovakian history page with many links to site.


Music and folklore of Slovenia.

Carantha - Welcome to True Slovenian History
A very complete history with extensive biographical information, maps and bibliographies. Most of the information is in English, although some is in Slovenian.

WWW - VL History of Slovenia
The Virtual Library's guide to history and sociology resources on the World Wide Web.

The Ukraine

An Abridged history of Ukraine: (Loosely translated and abridged by George Skoryk from "HISTORY OF UKRAINE" by Mykhaylo Hrushevs'kyi) Full Text
This text is also obtainable through the University of Kansas site below. Pre-Kyivan to 1913. Organized in chapters with some illustrations.

This article is from the Library of Congress Web site on the Russian Secret Archives.

The Constitution of Ukrainie
In English and Ukrainian.

Jewish History in the Ukraine

The Khazaria Information Center
This site provides very detailed information on the Khazars (Jews) and their kingdom that once was a major force in this region.

Icons of Ukraine
Text and images of Orthodox icons.

Ukraine Center at the University of London
Very extensive site with links to history, geo-political, economic, cultural, and social sites pertaining to Ukraine. Includes access to Working Papers in Ukrainian Studies is an on-line, refereed journal that publishes original papers (previously unpublished) in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The Ukrainian History Page
While this site is sponsored by a commercial enterprise, it is very complete with text and graphics. Published in Canada by InfoUkes the history pages include bibliographic information and articles on special topics such as the Jewish people in the Ukraine. Contemporary information includes an article on Chernobyl and its aftermath. There is also information on contemporary Ukraninian communities in Canada.

United Nations in Ukraine
UN web site.

WWW - VL History of Ukraine
The Virtual Library's guide to history and sociology resources on the World Wide Web. Includes history of the Ukraine, maps, biographies, bibliographies and a vast number of resources. This site was created at and is maintained by the University of Kansas