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Bottles and Diapers

There were an incredible number of household inventions created during the Victorian age, a period spanning the 1860's through the early 1900's. The new middle class was making enough money to afford these objects. increasing demand for their production. These inventions had a huge influence on the lives of women in the Western Europe and the United States by saving them time and energy.  Inventions of this era include:

   The coal stove, a huge improvement over the fireplace.
   The washing machine which made the Monday wash less of a chore. 
   The Bissell floor sweeper, enemy of dust and dirty footprints! 
   The feeding baby bottle which allowed moms to feed their babies outside of the home. 
   The safety pin which made diapers and eventually, diaper services possible.  (Walter Hunt, inventor).

Diapers made it possible to dress baby up without worrying as much about soiled clothes.  Baby bottles gave mothers new opportunities for freedom, even if she still breast fed using one of the early mechanical pumps.   When mothers had more free time, they could pursue other interests, including personal education, social causes, suffrage (getting the vote) and even careers.

Check out these two sites: a historical gallery of diapers, and the baby bottle.   

What influence do these inventions have on the pursuit of beauty?  How important is it to look and smell good?  (even if you are a baby?)

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