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As a teen you are still growing, and good nutrition is necessary for your development.  What you eat does affect all of you, including your bones, muscles, weight, joints, blood pressure, skin, and hair.  So, how do you know that you are taking the necessary steps to maintain good health and nutrition?  Check out these interactive self-quizzes and other sites to find out.  The answers may surprise you!

 Check Your Nutrition

 Check Your Fat.

 Check Your Iron.

What are you doing about bone health?

 Body Mass calculator - CDC

 Effect of Dieting on Teens

Although we live in an affluent country, many young people suffer from diets that are vitamin deficient.  It is not unusual for teens who are overweight to be anemic.  Teens who diet all the time also suffer from poor nutrition.  The following YouTube Video addresses the issue of obesity



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