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Fitness goes hand and hand with nutrition in maintaining health and beauty, and there are many articles out on the subject.  Try to research a couple by following these steps (The database page will open in a separate window):

1.  Click here to go the BCC database page. 

2.  Now click the phrase: From On Campus Only- A-Z List of all of our databases.

3.  Scroll down to the AcademicOne File database and click on it. 

4.  In the Find Box type in this phrase:  teenage girls and exercise

5.  BEFORE clicking the Search button, click the button that says: More search options Now click the box next to the phrase Now you can click the  SEARCH  button.

6. This should take you to many articles from Magazines and from Scholarly Journals.  Look on the top and click the MAGAZINE tab.

7.  Now find the article by Meredith Mathews and take the Quiz!  You will need a piece of paper to write down your score numbers.  What exercises are best for you?


Click here to create a Fitness Plan.

 What's your Fitness Personality?

Try something different.  

The President has a fitness challenge program and you can read about it here.  And don't forget to eat healthy while you are training.  Follow a good sports nutrition program.

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