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Dressing Mary

These are photographs of Mary Newman were taken over her life time. 


This photograph was taken in
1879 in Indiannapolis. 

This is a picture of Mary taken
in 1882.  She was 12.
Mary moved to Galveston
where this photo was taken
in 1886.

Mary was 16 when this photo
was taken.

Mary is growing up.  These
Photos were taken in the
early 1890's in Galveston.
Mary moved back East to
New York and attended Mount
Carmel Seminary.

Mary and her sister Betty.

 She was 21 when this
picture was taken of her.

This photograph was taken in
Yonkers, New York.

Mary, now married, with her
her child and sister Lucy.


Mary and child circa 1899.

Mary in the late 1920's.

Aunt Carey and Mary at Coney
Island .  She was about 58.
As we age, do we 
change  the way
we look at ourselves?
Do we change the
way others look at
us?  How does dress
reflect this?  Do we
age with beauty?

Photographs courtesy of Professor Don Lathrop.

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