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Dressing for the Camera

Posing for pictures has been a familiar ritual for over a century.  Everyone wants to look their best; after all, pictures are supposed to "never lie", so we dress in our best and smile.  Like the mirror, the camera eye reflects beauty back to the beholder, whoever that might be.  What do these pictures, all taken by professional photographers, tell you about the impression that their subject would like to convey to the viewer?  What do they say about the culture and society of their subject?   Do you think that male photographers see their subject differently than female photographers?  The first five rows of photographs were donated for this project and are of relatives of Anna Foss, Mary Daigneault, Donald Lathrop, Chantal Rind, Karen Carreras-Hubbard and Wilma Carreras. 


Wilma Gerger & GiselaWeber
1908, Budapeste, Hungary



Woman, circa 1865, Indiannapolis

" Aunt Betty" in 1916, age 18
North Adams, MA

Mary Newman, Galveston, TX 1885.

Aunt Lucy, late 1920's.   

Aloisa Zenz & bridesmaid, 1922
New Britain, CT
Martha, 1885, Galveston, TX.
Gradma Mary Ann Payette, age 20
North Adams (?) 
Aunt Lucy, 1930's.
Chantal's mom. Early 1950's, Loring Studios, New Britain, CT
Gisela Weber, 1930's, New Britain, CT.
Winnie, North Adams, June 17, 1928.
Wilma & Aloisa Weber, 1906.
Mother & daughter. Graz, Osterreich.  (Austria)
Monserrat Carreras, Santiago de Cuba, 1956.  Dress: Dior.
Carleen Mabry's communion
picture, 1968.  Loring Studios, New Britain, CT


The only photographs taken by women are the ones on the bottom row. 

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