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Matron & Crone 2

These women are all over fifty.    What criteria do you use to judge the beauty of someone who is ten, thirty, fifty eighty? 
Are these women beautiful?

 Carmen del"Orifice, age 73  Lena Horne, age 91  Judy Dench, age 70


The following links will take you to segments of an online documentary on the Beauty of Aging.  Each of these women is over the age of eighty and is an active and vital member of her community. 

 Betty Blackstone, Age 102    Judy Lainhart, Age 86
 Shirley Windward, Age 88  Lavada Campbell, Age 82

Everyone ages but more and more women are no longer content to resign themselves to the process.  While the cosmetic industry is well stocked with products promising more youthful skin, these products aren't enough for a growing population.  Through medical technology, women seek to reverse the visual signs of aging, often through cosmetic surgeries.  

Surgery does not actually reverse the aging process, but rather through removal of fatty tissue and stretching and contouring of the skin it creates the desired appearance of a more youthful face. This video will explain the most common plastic face surgeries.


Over the past decade, non-invasive procedures have been created that restore the appearance of youth without surgery.  These include botox injections and dermabrasion.  The following video discusses the benefits of non-invasive procedures from the perspective of a patient and author.