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The Chemistry of Beauty

Is Beauty Proportional?

According to a recent Discover magazine article, beauty may really be proportional as the ancient Greeks hypothesized in their theory of the golden ratio or mean which was based on the mathematics of Pythagoras.  Dr. Marquardt, a plastic surgeon working with patients who have serious deformities or injuries, was searching for a system of proportions that could help him with such basic reconstructions as a total chin, nose and even mouth.  Through his study he found indeed that the perfect face did have the same proportional ratios as the golden mean.  Dr. Marquardt created a computer generated Golden Mask that gives a three dimensional image of the perfectly proportional face.


Click here to take a look at this Discover Magazine  video on the symmetry of the human face.  (Note: there is a 10 second commercial that airs first, just be patient.  You can close the window of the video when you are done, and continue.)

On a similar theme, click here to see a site that provides software to show a face "enhanced" using the same classic ratio of proportions.