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Historical Knowledge and Reasoning

Core Competency - Historical Knowledge and Reasoning (CC-HK)

To meet the Historical Knowledge and Reasoning Core Competency (CC-HK), an assignment must achieve a satisfactory level in Category I (Historical Knowledge) plus at least one of the other two categories (Category II, Historical Interpretation or Category III, Historical Application).   To meet the requirement for a category, at least two of the sub-categories must be met.   

I. Historical Knowledge

1. Demonstrate accurate knowledge of an historical event or events.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of causal relationships between specific historic events.

3. Select and marshal historical information to develop a thesis which is convincingly supported by the evidence.

II. Historical Interpretation

1. Interpret the meaning of a primary source.

2. Analyze multiple primary sources to build a thesis based on the sources.

3. Evaluate the validity of secondary sources.

4. Assess the "critical conversation" among secondary sources that has occurred concerning an event or a related series of events.

III. Historical Application

1. Evaluate current events using historical skills. Example: independently identifying a past event which helps to explain a current event, or conversely independently identifying a current event which is a result of a past event.

2. Compare past and present events and assess the validity of the comparison. Example: the "Munich Analogy" as applied to justify the use of military force.

3. Assess the relationship between historic events and the development of the academic discipline in which history is being incorporated. Example: In a Sociology course, in an assignment related to the Industrial Revolution, the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the development of sociological theory and/or sociological developments should be shown.

4. Relate a past event or events to personal experiences. Example: In a Nursing course, in an assignment on the history of health-care reform, a student would need to demonstrate how reforms (or lack thereof) have impacted conditions at his or her clinical site).