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Getting a Clue About Career Choice


Often what you need to know to make good career choices is information about yourself; your personality traits, values, interests, attributes skills and educational level. Assessment tools can be a great way to help you identify the above and correlate them to the world of work and the thousands of job titles available. On-line tools such as MassCIS (Adult or HS versions), Career Cruising, Jung MB Personality, and TypeFocus are available for you to complete this process in a confidential manner.

Note:  For MassCIS and Career Cruising passwords and user names, contact the career counselor at (413) 236-1611.

Assessment Interpretation

Confidential interpretation of your assessment results is available with a career counselor through the CDC.  Once you have completed the assessment(s), contact the CDC at (413) 236-1611 or 1605 to make an appointment. 

Linkage to a major here at BCC or to a career path are typical outcomes of this interpretation with a deeper understanding of how your personality traits, values, interests, attributes, skills and education match up with specific types of work.