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Disability Resource Center

It is the policy of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at BCC to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified students with documented disabilities. To receive services, students must self-identify, provide documentation of their disability, and meet with the DRC staff to develop an individualized academic accommodation plan.

Services for qualified students with documented disabilities include specialized advising about academic planning and compensatory techniques; arranging for alternative test-taking and other academic adjustments; referral to local agencies; assessment of learning strengths and weaknesses; and a guided tour of access routes for students who cannot climb stairs.

Adaptive computing services and training are available for qualified students with disabilities through the Adaptive Computer Lab located in the DRC. The Lab provides access for students with disabilities to computer technology through specially designed adaptive software/hardware. Students with disabilities planning to apply for admission to BCC are encouraged to contact the Center at (413) 236-1605 to schedule an appointment to meet with either the Coordinator of the DRC or the Learning Specialist at least six months prior to enrollment.

For more information about the services available through the Disability Resource Center,
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