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A Message from Our President

Here is our proposition to you. You bring your commitment to learning, your willingness to work hard and persevere through the challenges that will come along, and your desire to meet or exceed the expectations of our rigorous academic programs.

We will provide a curriculum designed to meet the myriad goals of our students. Some are attending BCC as a starting place to earn a bachelor's degree at another institution. Some are using us as a source for training to become more productive in their present work or pursue a new or different career path. Others are here for the pure joy of learning. We welcome you all.

We will provide a faculty of extraordinary skill and deep knowledge, a staff and administration whose goal it is to make the system work for you and not against you, physical facilities that are both pleasant and current, programs and services that can help you succeed, and a community of learners that support one another.

That is our compact with you. Together we can make it happen.

This is a very exciting time at BCC. With tremendous enthusiastic participation from all college constituencies and input for from the communities we serve, we have developed a comprehensive strategic plan. We are in the process of identifying and implementing specific initiatives to build upon our solid foundation and to meet the even higher goals we have set for ourselves as individuals and as an institution.

Among the several strategic goals are the following:

  • To promote a dynamic, diverse environment that prepares students for the 21st century, encourages innovation, incorporates leading technology, and utilizes best practices to promote academic excellence.
  • To construct an integrated student support system that increases access, fosters student development, leads to increased retention and persistence, shortens time-to-credential, and improves graduation rates.

These goals are a statement of our priorities.

It should be important to you, as a present or prospective student, that they are important to us.

Our students are the reason we are here. Their stories inspire us. We celebrate their achievement. They are our family. You are welcome here.

  Ellen Kennedy