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  HON-298B Honors Colloquium: Sustainable Ecotourism in Berkshire County
3 Credits
  An interdisciplinary honors colloquium that focuses on the development of a plan for sustainable ecotourism in the Berkshire region. Students will work in small groups to gather and analyze data for a preliminary plan to be submitted at the end of the semester. Topics will include the natural, historic, scenic, and economic resources/potential of the region within the context of sustainability. Analysis of the current array of Berkshire ecotourism enterprises will set the stage to identifiy future ecotourism possibilities. Students will also investigate the role Berkshire's natural resources play in advertising. A high level of participation and initiative is expected from each student. Course format includes classroom seminars, report critiques, and off-campus field experience (ie, a weekend trip to Cape Cod). Some readings are required before the course begins, and students may be required to attend a regional conference on ecotourism. Prerequisites: ENG 101, and membership in the Berkshire Honors Scholar Program.