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  Course Catalog Offerings
  BIO-101  General Biology I
  BIO-102  General Biology II
  BIO-103  Introductory Animal Science
  BIO-105  Fundamentals of Biology
  BIO-109  Introductory Ecology I
  BIO-110  Introductory Ecology II
  BIO-111  Introduction to Botany
  BIO-112  Zoology
  BIO-116  Animal Care Practicum
  BIO-117  Animal Care Seminar
  BIO-118  Animal Behavior
  BIO-119  Animal Nutrition and Health
  BIO-132  Biological Laboratory Techniques
  BIO-150  Introduction to the Human Body
  BIO-180  The Biology of Sex and Gender
  BIO-201  Anatomy and Physiology I
  BIO-202  Anatomy and Physiology II
  BIO-207  Microbiology
  BIO-208  Ornithology
  BIO-230  Biotechnology
  BIO-275  Independent Study in Life Sciences I
  BIO-276  Independent Study in Life Sciences II