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  Course Catalog Offerings
  ENG-010  Basic Reading
  ENG-020  Reading Skills
  ENG-060  Basic Writing
  ENG-101  Composition I
  ENG-102  Composition II
  ENG-103  Honors Composition I
  ENG-104  Honors Composition II
  ENG-204  Literature of Peace and War
  ENG-205  Children's Literature
  ENG-215  Introduction to Literature
  ENG-216  Introduction to the Novel
  ENG-221  Literature of Western Civilization I
  ENG-222  Literature of Western Civilization II
  ENG-223  Creative Writing: Poetry
  ENG-228  US Poetry Since 1945
  ENG-231  American Literature to 1865
  ENG-232  American Literature Since 1865
  ENG-241  British Literature I
  ENG-242  British Literature II
  ENG-243  Creative Writing
  ENG-245  Modern Fiction
  ENG-275  Independent Study in English
  ENG-297  Special Topics in Literature