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  Engineering Technology
  Course Catalog Offerings
  ENT-122  Computer Aided Drafting/Design I
  ENT-129  Introduction to Electricity and Electronics
  ENT-130  Introduction to Electronics
  ENT-135  Interpreting Engineering Drawings I
  ENT-136  Interpreting Engineering Drawings II
  ENT-151  Introduction to Manufacturing
  ENT-152  Advanced Manufacturing: Introduction to Computer Aided Design
  ENT-155  AC/DC Circuits
  ENT-161  Engineering Physics I: Mechanics
  ENT-162  Engineering Physics II: Fluids, Heat And Sound
  ENT-185  Engineering Computer Applications
  ENT-203  Linear Circuit Analysis I
  ENT-204  Linear Circuit Analysis II
  ENT-210  Computer Aided Drafting/Design II Design
  ENT-212  Statics
  ENT-213  Dynamics
  ENT-214  Strength of Materials
  ENT-225  Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing I
  ENT-226  Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing II
  ENT-233  Digital Circuits
  ENT-234  Microprocessors
  ENT-238  Elements of Machines
  ENT-244  Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  ENT-260  Industrial Control Systems
  ENT-261  Engineering Physics III: Electricity And Magnetism
  ENT-262  Engineering Physics IV: Optics and Modern Physics
  ENT-271  Material Science
  ENT-275  Independent Study in Engineering Technology I
  ENT-276  Independent Study in Engineering Technology II
  ENT-285  Technical Internship in Engineering/ Technology I
  ENT-286  Technical Internship in Engineering/ Technology II