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  Course Catalog Offerings
  MAT-011  Arithmetic I
  MAT-018  Pre-algebra
  MAT-018A  Arithmetic II
  MAT-018B  Arithmetic III
  MAT-018C  Arithmetic IV
  MAT-028  Elementary Algebra I-III
  MAT-028A  Elementary Algebra I
  MAT-028B  Elementary Algebra II
  MAT-028C  Elementary Algebra III
  MAT-029  Elementary Algebra IV-VI
  MAT-029A  Elementary Algebra IV
  MAT-029B  Elementary Algebra V
  MAT-029C  Elementary Algebra VI
  MAT-051  Preparatory Mathematics for the Health Sciences
  MAT-101  Applied Contemporary Mathematics
  MAT-102  College Algebra
  MAT-102A  College Algebra I
  MAT-102B  College Algebra II
  MAT-102C  College Algebra III
  MAT-113  Survey of College Mathematics
  MAT-121  Precalculus
  MAT-121A  Precalculus I
  MAT-121B  Precalculus II
  MAT-121C  Precalculus III
  MAT-123  Elementary Statistics
  MAT-129  The Mathematics of Art and Nature I
  MAT-136  Mathematics for the Health Sciences
  MAT-145  Applied Calculus I
  MAT-146  Applied Calculus II
  MAT-151  Calculus I
  MAT-152  Calculus II
  MAT-253  Linear Algebra
  MAT-254  Differential Equations
  MAT-275  Independent Study in Mathematics I
  MAT-276  Independent Study in Mathematics II
  MAT-800  Mathematics Modules