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  Registering For Classes
  Physical Education
  Course Catalog Offerings
  PED-106  Self-Defense I
  PED-109  Introduction to Badminton
  PED-115  Introduction to Volleyball
  PED-116  Introduction to Golf
  PED-128  Introduction to Tennis
  PED-130  Introduction to Aikido
  PED-135  Ultimate Functional Training Workout
  PED-136  Weight Training
  PED-137  Aerobics
  PED-144  Stretching and Flexibility
  PED-151  Cardio Boot Camp
  PED-152  Group Exercise Instruction
  PED-160  Muscle Strength and Conditioning
  PED-161  Advanced Strength Training
  PED-170  Personal Trainer
  PED-180  Fitness for Life
  PED-196  Practicum I
  PED-197  Practicum II
  PED-207  Prevention and Care of Exercise Injuries
  PED-241  Advanced Practicum I
  PED-242  Advanced Practicum II
  PED-250  Psychology of Sport
  PED-284  ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist